May 30, 2019

The Guardian of Darkness PS1 on Envul

I enjoy the conversations, plots, and the supernatural investigations of this game. The game is underrated where the walkthrough videos are less available on the Internet. So rejoice that I’m posting my complete non-commentary walkthrough videos on where you can just sit back and eat your popcorns.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 1 The Strange Museum

 There have been eerie and strange noises recently eversince the mummy moved into the museum. The noises started to appear frequently and become even more disturbing. If you love the plots of paranormal or supernatural investigations, you will most likely like this game. I like the conversations, plots, puzzles, and stories that happened in this game. The action is not that interesting, but at least there are a variety of spells, and method to dodge.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 2 WHISKEY A GOGO

There have been heard sneaking noises in the brewery and recently gunshots have been heard and found the current owner dead. However not a single trace of bullets have been found.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 3 The Nourishment for The Spirit

A fast food restaurant had to close occasionally due to vandalism. Strangely the alarm never triggered and all the doors remained bolted. The assistant manager found delicious foods which should be very unlikely in the fast food restaurant. None of the staffs were able to cook such exquisite cuisines.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 4 Wuthering Empireheights

Several people have fallen from the Empire State building as if they have been pushed. However, they are found between forty to a hundred meters away from the state building which is very strange because no one could have leaped that far.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 5 Strange Company

This mission is one of my favourite which represents the horror of a haunted house. Mrs. Windham family members all died in their sleep and the doctors pronounced that they all died a natural death. Mrs. Windham is the only survivor and now she felt that her life is in danger.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 6 Sunset City

Sun City is a self sufficient city of wealthy senior citizens. Eighteen citizens have died out of exhaustion with their faces in horror and some even found crawled out of their beds. The sheriff were constantly patrolling and found no traces of criminal activities. Even the doctor could not explain the cause of death because the citizens were previously healthy with no symptons.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 7 Don't Cry Baby

Three of our reporters have mysteriously disappeared in a hotel room. When we reached there, we were sucked into the great beyond. In the end of the path, there's a baby.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 8 For The Better

Young Lord Devender of Dutch report series of mysterious deaths among people close to his client. Enjoy the haunted mansion.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 9 Canned Larvae

A factory in the Northen United States is producing little demons by putting them inside the canned meatballs. The superior demon means to swamp the country with demons.

The Guardian of Darkness Mission 10 Kendhall Manner

A Scottish manor had been haunted for centuries by an extremely powerful entity Lord Mac Kendhall. He rules tyrannically over a host of souls, including his mansion's builders and the artisans, his wife, his children, and the manor's successive owners were all killed. He successfully made a recreation of the fountain of the four elements and later on freezes theme in time which made him enable to hover between this world and the great beyond forever.