August 30, 2021

Misconception of The Minimum 1 Lot and The Investing and Trading is Expensive

time changes in trading and investing

I have begun actively invite people to not only in cryptocurrency but other forms of trades and investments as well. My experience with Generation Z and my fellow Millenials is that they are eager to try. If they do not want to try, are either they do not have any money to spare or they are really not interested which are general reasons that can apply for anybody. However, my experience with older generations, baby boomers and above is that they have a misconception. True that there are people like Warren Buffet who does not believe in the future of cryptocurrency because they believe that it does not have underlying asset etc but this is not the misconception that I am talking about. There are few who believes in its future, and many who does not care but are open minded but they are scared to dive not only into cryptocurrency but all other forms of trades and investments as well.

The Misconception of Minimum Transaction

In the past, many brokers requires us to purchase a minimum of 1 Lot (securities trading), but what is 1 Lot?

  • 1 whole Bitcoin is currently $50000.
  • Bonds, 1 Lot = from $1000 to $5000.
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex), 1 Lot = $100000.
  • Stocks, 1 Lot = 100 shares
  • Gold and Palladium, 1 Lot = 100 troy ounce.
  • Silver, 1 Lot = 5000 troy ounce.
  • Wheat, Corn and Soybeans, 1 Lot = 5000 bushels.
  • Live cattle and lean hogs, 1 Lot = 40000 pounds.
  • Crude Oil, 1 Lot = 1000 barrels.
  • Heating oil and unleaded gasoline, 1 Lot = 42000 gallons.

If 1 Lot is really the minimum, then buying Apple stock requires a minimum of $14860 because the price is $148.6 per shares and 1 Lot = 100 shares = $148.6 * 100 = $14860. I was once approached by a salesman of a broker to invest in General Motors Company (GM) and I thought I only needed $50 but then they said the minimum is $5000 that made me very shocked. It turns out that their minimum investment is 1 Lot which is 100 shares. $5000 maybe small for developed countries but know this that in developing countries, the average salary is $250 a month which takes more than 2 years to get $5000.

The minimum amount to buy local stocks in my country is also 1 Lot which is 100 shares. However, stocks in Indonesia are not as expensive in United States (US) where one of the expensive stocks is Gudang Garam Tbk (GGRM), a cigarette company with a share of Rp 31975 ($2.23) and 1 Lot requires $2.23 * 100 = $223. The stocks that I bought in average costs Rp 50 per shares (¢0.35) where 1 Lot is only $3.5. The average Lots for Bonds is quite similar to certificate of deposit in my country where a minimum of $1000.

With the past knowledge above, older generations have a misconception of needing to buy a whole Bitcoin. The first time I showed the price to them, their immediate respond was "wow $50000, that is very expensive, I do not have $50000" followed by "my friends invests in stocks and lost their houses". The past fears already prevented them from even getting to know cryptocurrencies and other trades and investments.

However, time changes, I tried trading forex and I can trade 0.01 Lot where still, $100000/100=$1000 is expensive but there are Options where I can just use $10 but of course risks liquidation if I trade wrongly. There are now mutual funds for anyone to start investing with only minimum of $1 and can request withdrawal anytime unlike certificate of deposits with months of locks.

True that investing in government bonds can lock our funds for more than a year but the minimum in my country have greatly decreased which is just $100.

Now for Bitcoin, we can buy as little as $10 where the fact is that we can buy a fraction of any cryptocurrency, but still, there are limitations caused by:

  • Transaction and/or trading fees.
  • Decimal settings in each cryptocurrency where if decimal is 1 than the minimum is 0.1 and note that most cryptocurrency have a decimal setting of 18.
  • Some cryptocurrencies collect taxes.
  • Maybe more factors that I do not yet know.

Trading gold not only we can buy physically but there are providers that allows us to buy digitally and in fractions as well where we can start as little as $1. The method is more like an installment where if our investment reaches 1 gram, we can claim the gold physically. Though option trading in forex applications are different where the minimum is 0.01 Lot for trading gold.

The Misconception of Minimum Deposit

Like the salesman who approached me requires minimum of 1 Lot which is $5000 to invest in general motors, brokers, trading, and investment firms back then probably requires a minimum deposit of not less than the amount for certificate of deposits which is $1000. $1000 in developing countries is a lot of money where to repeat again that the average salary is $250 a month which have not include living cost. Trading and investing are games of the rich during my childhood days.

However in this age, is different. The minimum deposit of modern firms are only limited by the business account bank transfer minimum amount which is Rp 50000 around $3.5 in my country. Today, just minimum of $3.5 not only in cryptocurrency exchanges but in many mutual funds and stock brokers as well. Other than minimum deposit, the next factor the limits the minimum amount of investment is the minimum amount of trade. The amount is different for each assets but in one my local exchange Tokocrypto, I found that the minimum to trade Bitcoin is Rp 20000 around $1.4. Therefore the minimum investment there is $3.5 because that is minimum amount to deposit.


August 29, 2021

My Technical Analysis on Forex Cross Pairs 2021

cross pairs
Cross pairs are really just cross pairing of the major and commodity pairs except for the United States (US) Dollar. Again I will not discuss about them as my only intention here is to practice my technical analysis while I am also blogger so share them as well and especially here I will not give even a background about the cross pairs. Again, I do not include the date in the title because I will be sharing monthly charts which I guess may still be relevant until the end of the year. The videos are there for those who want to learn as well by watching my process but if you only want to see the result, leave it be or go to the end of the video to enlarge. Again, before going live on my premium trading signal subscription at, I would like to practice drawing trading signals and give them for free.

Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar (AUD/CAD)

The trend is bullish but kept rejecting in the supply area and if it breaks the trend line may potentially form a head and shoulders pattern which is bearish.

Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc (AUD/CHF)

The overall trend is bearish while there should be some classic chart patterns but there more visible on shorter time frame.

Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen (AUD/JPY)

While the swings are far from ideal in showing a max bullish Gartley harmonic pattern but the possibility is always there.

Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar (AUD/NZD)

The price is nearing the demand area which can be a good idea to start looking for a long position although the classic chart pattern is descending triangle which can go either ways.

Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc (CAD/CHF)

The price is really just going sideways and expect to continue in the future.

Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen (CAD/JPY)

The was a clear bullish flag but the question is, is it finished? If yes, then expect short term bearish price. This estimation is supported by a potential double top and rectangle classic chart pattern.

Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen (CHF/JPY)

Here is an example where many traders will think that there was a head and shoulder but it did not go down either we mis analyze or the classic chart pattern really failed. As for current trend, it is sideways. I'm not sure but it looks like a rectangle pattern and the question is will it break above or not?

Euro / Australian Dollar (EUR/AUD)

Shorter time frame is a bearish trend but longer time frame is still bullish. There are many bullish potential classic chart patterns which are bullish flag and cup & handle. Except for rectangle that go either way.

Euro / Canadian Dollar (EUR/CAD)

If the price does not return above the trend line, then it can be either a trend adjustment or a reversal to bearish trend if it keeps rejecting below the trend line. I did not see it back then, but the whole chart looks like an ascending triangle classic chart pattern. I already open a short position few weeks ago and will see where it will lead.

Euro / Swiss Franc (EUR/CHF)

Looks like forming a head and shoulders classic chart pattern but the price is near the demand area where we should look for a long position. Maybe it will touch the bottom of demand area if a head and shoulders is really forming before bouncing. If break above, then it will not form a head and shoulders pattern.

Euro / Great British Pound (EUR/GBP)

The shorter time frame shows a rectangle classic chart pattern but there is a possibility that the longer time frame formed a bearish new cypher harmonic pattern although the swing is not ideal.

Euro / Japanese Yen (EUR/JPY)

Now this is a bearish max bat harmonic pattern that may never happen or even if it may happen then it will take many months even over a year for it to form.

Euro / New Zealand Dollar (EUR/NZD)

If the price continues the pattern then it may form a bearish flag classic chart pattern but ofcourse the pattern may change.

Great British Pound / Australian Dollar (GBP/AUD)

Like EURJPY, the max bearish Gartley harmonic pattern may never happen or even if it may happen then it will take many months even over a year for it to form.

Great British Pound / Canadian Dollar (GBP/CAD)

Longer time frame seems to be a descending but inside it seems to be a reverse head and shoulders formed but it can fail.

Great British Pound / Swiss Franc (GBP/CHF)

The price broke the bearish trend and the stochastic oscillator shows a bullish divergence.

Great British Pound / Japanese Yen (GBP/JPY)

Either it will break above or form a double top classic chart pattern

Great British Pound / New Zealand Dollar (GBP/NZD)

The trend is bullish but be careful of head and shoulders classic chart pattern.

New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar (NZD/CAD)

Will it continue the bullish flag pattern or the rectangle pattern?

New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc (NZD/CHF)

Here's an example where a cup and handle classic chart pattern failed.

New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen (NZD/JPY)

Will it break above or form a bearish new cypher harmonic pattern?

Not Financial Advice Rules

  1. It is never my fault.
  2. Any losses occurred on your side, do not forget rule number 1. It is not my fault but it is your fault for following me.
  3. Therefore, it is very highly recommended to do your own research.
  4. Do not trade more than you can afford to lose.
  5. Additionally, this is only for educational purpose though even the intention is not even for that but only as my technical analysis practice note for me to review in the future.


August 27, 2021

Setting Up ASUS Mini MP3 Player

A mini mp3 player is a portable device to store and play electronic music files. With smartphones nowadays, many people no longer see a reason to get a mini MPEG-3 (mp3) player as smartphones have not only the same function and portability but even many more. However, some reasons still exist for people to own an mp3 player. First, mini mp3 players are much smaller than any mobile phones for those who likes to carry as little as possible and second, it is a good storage and utility for those who happens to have many mini secure digital (SD) cards.

Materials for Mini mp3 Player
We need 4 more materials to setup the mini mp3 a player and an extra SD card player if the mp3 player does not have a built in function for SD card reading. They are earphone or headset, micro SD card, micro universal serial bus (USB) cable, and a computer device. If the mini mp3 player have a built in SD card reader, then insert the SD card into the mini mp3 player and connect the mini mp3 player to a computer using micro USB cable. If it does not have a built in SD card reader, insert the micro SD card into the SD card reader instead and connect it to a computer. Some laptops have a built-in SD card reader or alternatively, we can use smart phones instead.
format SD card and copy music files
After that is to really just copy the music files into the SD card. Depending on the mini mp3 player, some file extensions may not work so to be safe, just stick to .mp3 extension, convert other extensions to mp3 online. Format the micro SD card if necessary. Finally, safely remove and insert it into the mini mp3 player. Plug in the earphone, and enjoy.


August 25, 2021

Tobii 4c Eye Tracker Demo

Tobii 4c Eye Tracker on my Laptop
It started when I was doing literature review on how to capture students' attention during online learning and one of the method I found was eye tracking. There are many research but implementation was very new. Eye tracking today is not only used in medical institutions and laboratories, but also in education, e-commerse, and gaming.
Tobii 5 Eye Tracker Price
Few years ago, eye tracking devices are only available for laboratories and the price over $3000 was not affordable for many people. Today the price averages $200 where average people can afford. The profession eye tracking devices are still above $1000 not only because the devices are better but they provide software for analytics. They do not provide analytic software for regular eye tracking which limits the research researchers can make.
Tobii 4c Eye Tracker on Lab Laptop
The eye tracker comes with a double tape to stick it on the monitor. Although, just placing it like the image above still works for me. I recommend to not stick it until the device works as intended.
Tobii 4c Eye Tracker Calibration
After downloading the software from software and installing it, proceed with the calibration to accurately synchronize the device, the desktop, and our eyes.
Tobii 4c Eye Tracker Desktop Eye Tracking
Activate the eye tracking and bubbles indicating where our eyes are gazing should appear on the desktop. Other functions for disable users are available on the settings. For example, blinking for clicking, and long gaze for pressing. We can write C programs ourselves to add more functions.
Tobii 4c Eye Tracker Sample Game
The software comes with a sample game that utilizes eye tracking.


August 24, 2021

Worth The Risk Disassembling Broken Tima KK402 Calculator

broken buttons Tima KK402
I had a broken Tima KK402 calculator which is now only a few bucks. Therefore, it is worth the risk of disassembling since there is almost nothing to lose as I can always buy a new calculator. In fact, the experience of disassembling it is worth it. Anyone can know if the problem is the cable is cut. Although I have an advantage of able to identify disconnected cable using multimeter even if it seemed to be intact and know the optimal way to connect or replace them since I had a background in electrical engineering.
clean Tima KK402 inside
Many beginners would probably disassemble every detail part but there is a step before that that is risk free of making it permanently broken. That is to just clean and give it a try whether it is fixed or not. Dirt and dust can contribute to the malfunction of electric circuits. Unfortunately for me, this step is not enough.
aligned PCB Tima KK402 inside
Then I checked the printed circuit board (PCB) and found that it was not aligned well with the buttons. After examining the surroundings, some of the holders broke which cause the misalignment. The solution is to align it and find alternative parts to function as the holder.
aligned PCB Tima KK402 inside
Finally it worked. Almost no risk as the calculator only worth a few bucks. Instead, know what is inside the calculator and gained some experience. Make a video recording like me just in case we forget of how to reassemble after disassembling.


August 23, 2021

My IELTS Speaking Script Decades Ago

IELTS interview


This is my script for English speaking practice during my International English Language Testing System (IELTS) course few decades ago. This assignment has never been published anywhere and I, as the author and copyright holder, license this assignment customized CC-BY-SA where anyone can share, copy, republish, and sell on condition to state my name as the author and notify that the original and open version available here.

Part 1

What do you like about your how town/city? [Why?]

What I like most about my home city is there are still lots of green areas. There are still places with lots of trees, lots of plants, grasses, still looks natural and beautiful. These places gives me comfort, I feel at peace. By the way my home is in Bali.

Is your home town/city a popular place for tourists to visit? [Why?/Why not?]

Ofcourse it is, who doesn't know Bali? When I asked most tourist whether they knew of Indonesia they do not know at all, but when I asked about Bali they knew right away. Ironic isn't it? Bali is part of Indonesia yet Bali is more famous then the country itself.

Has your home town/city changed much in recent years? [How?]

It changes so much since I returned here. There are buildings now, the local government and its people are trying to make the province more modernize. Back then, there are lots of farms and empty lands available.

Let's talk about free time now.

How much free time do you normally have? [Why/Why not?]

I can't say because it's really random, if you graph it with normal distribution it'll be a very curve graph. I could say is back then there were almost no free time, what's worst is I didn't knew what I was gonna do back then. Almost everyday there are friends, teachers, or any type of clients asking for my help, I don't even have time to focus on my studies. That's why I'm late in graduating now.

What do you like doing best in your free time? [Why?]

I practice martial art, I enjoy fighting. If not I'll escape to a dream world by watching movies, usually Animes, reading comics or mangas, finally what I did most is playing video games where I'm in my own world and be able to do anything I like. It's a great place to escape harsh reality.

Have your leisure activities changed much since you were young? [Why/Why not?]

It changes drastically, I usually have all the time in the world, now there are lots of request from people and I don't get to do what I want.

If you had more free time, how would you spend it? [Why?]

I'd use it to pursue my real dream, my real goal. Just a glimpse I want to explore all around the world, experience many interesting events, and fight many battles.

Let's talk about photos now.

How often do you take photos? [Why/Why not?]

Sometimes I took a lot, sometimes I don't take at all, depending whether there are interesting stuff happening.

Do you prefer taking photos of people or places? [Why?]

None of them I prefer, it's whether they are interesting or not.

What do you do with the photos you take? [Why/Why not?]

I saved them in my media storage, if I judged that they're worthy I'll upload them to social media.

Do you think the way people take photos is changing? [Why/Why not?]

Without a doubt, it is changing. Back then only certain people possessed cameras and knew how to use them. Today with the advance of technology everyone can afford a camera, even cell phones includes camera in them, and because of the advance features we don't need training to use it.

Part 2

Describe a situation when someone that you didn't know helped you. You should say: What the situation was, when and where it happened, how the person helped you. Explain how you felt in that situation.

It all started on my last holiday a few months ago. First I was panning to spend my time training martial arts in the mountain. But it seem my parents have a different plan for me. They applied for a match making couple event. Their reason was it's because it's a first time event and it's a promo. Well they're always like. The place was called Koibana Onsen, it is a beautiful hotspring with soothing aroma. When I reached there were lots of handsome guys, and so many pretty girls too. I was excited and I think I might be able to pull this off. I was mistaken the staff told the number of guys was odd, I'm an extra since I recently applied, I applied after they organized the event. It's alright though I'll just enjoy the view. The event started and everyone paired up, I did spoke to lots people but in the end I chose to give them their private time. Honestly I was jealous and I couldn't take so I went straight to hill and gazed at the horizon. Then someone came to me. It was one of the staff she's a pretty girl. She asked me that I could've canceled it out, I told her that my parents applied for me and I have no idea in the first place. I said that it's okay, I'll just enjoy show. She offered to take a tour of the place with her instead. We looked around I find the place interesting because it's design for couples to rejuvenate themselves. On dinner I asked everyone whether they have a good time, ofcourse they did. Some of them said of how unfortunate I was. I want to talked with them even longer but looks like it has already been design for a romantic dinner. So the tables are for 2 people. In the end I'm in a table alone. I was bored and fired up, so I took lots and lots of food to my table and it them savagely. I said to everyone else I'm training to eat fast, actually I was hurt deep inside. Then she came again asked me whether she could join the dinner. I then eat normally and listen to her story of this event. The place was first designed to refresh a couple, this event is new to see whether it could make a couple. That's what I learned from her stories. After dinner it was free private time. I've got no one to go out with. I sat alone in the park. She came again said she felt sorry for me. I said I was used to it, it's alway like this and told her I never have girlfriend in my entire life. She said that she could be my partner for this event. I said no need to force it. The she told me she was jealous and tired that only the customers are having fun while she has to work all the time, she too was always alone. I kinda understand her, I always work hard but didn't take time for social activities, instead I volunteer to work more so that my friends can go on a date. Looks like she was the same so I accept her. The next I was able to enjoy the event like other applicants, the other staff agree to let her be my partner. That's how she helped me, she saved me from the world of solitude. After that I often visit her and take part time as well.

And that's is that, this is a made up story, I got the inspiration from manga Koibana Onsen. This had never happened in my life before, instead it's my hope. Today I'm still in the world of solitude.

Part 3

What kinds of things can children do to help in the home?

They can help with house works, and some chores. If not, by learning to do something new could also help, it'll be useful in the future. Learning computers for example, they could help manage the computers later on.

How can children best learn to be helpful to others?

One of the best ways is to give an example and let them follow. To teach them the importance of helping others is not to spoil them and let them experience harshness of life. People likely to grow sympathy if they understand how hard life is, people learn to be kind once they know pain, I think it includes children too.

In what ways can schools encourage children to help the community?

Field excursion, by going straight to the field and show them.

What types of voluntary work are most popular in your country?

Truly I don't know, but the current trend is in politics. Now people like to help with the current president election. As for me I mostly organize events, conference, and workshops.

Do all age groups take part in voluntary work?

I don't know, usually teenagers above. Kids usually go out and play.

How can individuals benefit from doing voluntary work?

In my opinion, it's experience. For example there are 2 types of people 1 is those who haven't done voluntary work yet and the other 1 has applied for a job. The 1st type would likely make more mistake and take more time to learn of the job, while the other one would likely make less mistake and take less time. Why? Because the 2nd already learn from their mistake in their voluntary work, since they already have experience they don't need to learn anymore.

In what ways can voluntary work improve life for the community?

More jobs are done and lessen the burden, plus we could establish more links the simple word make more friends. Most things are easier and fun to do with friends.


August 17, 2021

Flano Swap Potentially The First to Lead DeFi on Cardano

Flano Swap
Flano Swap is a decentralized application (Dapp) that provides:
  1. automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) with yield farming
  2. project launchpad
  3. non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace
  4. maybe more in the future
on the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. I am sorry to say that Cardano's development is very slow compared to other decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem but that is because Cardano really tries to consider everything that includes regulation and security built using Haskell code, and at the same time scalability and privacy for the individual users. Cardano even started from a peer-reviewed academic research and the team are highly respected researchers and scientist in the academic background which is very unique compared to most projects. Still, Cardano is completely open source and patent-free.

Will History Repeats Itself?

DeFi Hype
With Alonzo hard fork on September 12, Cardano's smart contract is finally live on mainnet. If Flano Swap executes this well, it will be the first AMM DEX with yield farming on Cardano blockchain just like Uniswap on Ethereum. The question is, will Flano Swap repeats itself like Pancake Swap? In my opinion, history cannot be repeated in the same way. back then there are no cheap AMM DEX yield farming where on Uniswap I remembered on average $50 per transaction. Finally Pancake Swap came with $0.1 per transaction and lower class investors can participate which was one of the reason of the bull market. Today, there are many DEXs alone in Binance Smart Chain, and many other ecosystems. Therefore, cheap and fast transaction can logically be not the reason for Cardano's Flan Swap to start a new trend.
Cardano Widget
However, history can repeat in a different way. The hype can be huge on Flan Swap not because of cheap and fast transaction but because of Cardano. Cardano that is very late in the DeFi game and smart contract not even released yet have a huge community that the market capitalization during the writing of this article rose to the top 3 only below Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Grab The Airdrop Before It Runs Out!

Flano Swap Airdrop
Just click this link and register, that is it. At the time of this writing more than 16000/20000 users have grab the airdrop, it will run out soon, do you want to miss it like Pancake Swap? If you are an experienced DeFi user, that is all. You probably do not need to read further as they following contents are for new users in DeFi.

AMM DEX with Yield Farming

Flano Swap AMM DEX with Yield Farming
  • DEX: an exchange that decentralized that runs peer to peer where as long as one node is up, the exchange will not shut down, and as long there is node that we can connect, we can trade, and today DEX is very popular because no long time know your customer (KYC) verifications and withdrawal requests, just hold ADA in our wallets.
  • AMM: trading reduced to few clicks because no traditional order book that we need to place buy or sell limit for liquidity.
  • Yield Farming: for AMM to run needs liquidity providers, so they are paid with percentages of the trading fee and yield farming further rewards them with FLAN and other tokens.

ADA Launchpad

Flano Swap ADA Launchap
For projects who seeks to debut by providing initial coin/token/dex offering on Flan Swap for exposures. Before there are launchpads, project teams have to provide their own system and marketing for the release of their tokens. Flan Swap provides the system for them and gives extra marketing where Flan Swap will market to its followers.

NFT Marketplace

Flano Swap ADA NFT Marketplace
NFTs are proof of ownership of a digital product. In term of arts, NFTs are signatures of the artist. In terms of gaming and other advanced system, NFTs are tokenized digital items where in the past, it was complicated to sell items and characters where sometimes we to sell our whole accounts. With NFTs we can send items and characters just like sending any other ADA tokens.

Referral Program

Flano Swap Referral
After registering through, grab your own referral link and invite other people to grow the platform!


Short Description of IPTV Assignment

analog tv vs digital tv vs ip tv


This is my undergraduate assignment in the Telecommunications Network course which creates a short description of IPTV obtained from that I translated to English myself. This work has never been published and I as the author and copyright holder of this work adapted CC-BY-SA where anyone may share, share, republish and sell it provided to state my name as the author and notify that the original and open version is available here .

Content From The Past Decade

TV works by broadcasting live through the media (cable, etc.) or without the media (electromagnetic waves) that are captured by the antenna, while IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) works through the Internet network. Broadcasts can also be watched from media other than on TV, such as; computers, laptops, netbooks, ipads, cellphones and others. On Internet TV there are 2 types of broadcasts:

  • Live broadcasts: broadcasts that are streamed live, cannot be paused, repeated or slowed down or accelerated.
  • Videos on demand: videos on the Internet, we can watch where we want, when we want. Can be paused, repeated, slowed down or accelerated.

There were 3 types of services at that time on Internet TV:

  • Free: free (other than paying for Internet connection), but lots of ads because that's one way for providers to get paid.
  • Subscribe: pay to watch a channel.
  • Pay per view: pay 1 time to watch or download.

The way Internet TV works is how the Internet network works:

  • The user will send a packet request to the server about the broadcast the user want to watch.
  • The server will send the video and audio in packets to the user.
  • Just as Internet servers try to send packets correctly and regularly, computer users will organize and process packets.
  • Decoder such as Windows Media Player, GOM, VLC or codecs, for digital to analog conversion for us to watch.


August 16, 2021

Tugas Kuliah Deskripsi Singkat IPTV

analog tv vs digital tv vs ip tv


Ini merupakan tugas S1 saya di mata kuliah Jaringan Telekomunikasi dimana tugasnya adalah menulis deskripsi singkat mengenai IPTV yang diperoleh dari Tugas ini tidak pernah dipublikasi dimanapun dan saya sebagai penulis dan pemegang hak cipta melisensi tugas ini customized CC-BY-SA dimana siapa saja boleh membagi, menyalin, mempublikasi ulang, dan menjualnya dengan syarat mencatumkan nama saya sebagai penulis dan memberitahu bahwa versi asli dan terbuka tersedia disini.

Isi Tugas Dekade Lalu

TV bekerja dengan siaran langsung baik melewati media (cable, dll) atau tanpa media (gelombang elektromagnetik) yang ditangkap dengan atenna. Sedangkan IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) melewati jaringan Internet. Siaran dapat disaksi selain di TV, seperti; computer, laptop, netbook, ipad, handphone dan lain-lain. Pada TV Internet ada 2 macam tipe siaran:

  • Live broadcast: siaran yang streaming secara langsung, tidak dapat di pause, diulang ataupun diperlambat maupun dipercepat.
  • On-demand videos: video yang ada di Internet, dapat di tonton dimana kita inginkan, kapan kita inginkan. Dapat di pause, dilulang, diperlambat maupun dipercepat.

Ada 3 jenis layanan saat itu pada TV Internet:

  • Free: gratis (selain membayar koneksi internet), namun banyak iklannya. Sebab itulah salah satu caranya agar penyedia mendapat bayaran.
  • Subscription: bayar agar dapat menyaksikan sebuah channel.
  • Pay per view: bayar 1x nonton atau download.

Cara kerja TV Internet adalah cara kerja jaringan internet:

  • Pengguna akan mengirim packet request ke server tentang siaran yang ingin ditontonnya.
  • Server akan mengirim video dan audio dalam bentuk packet ke pengguna.
  • Seperti halnya pada Internet server berusaha mengirim paket secara benar dan teratur, computer pengguna akan menyusun dan mengolah paket.
  • Decoder seperti Windows Media Player, GOM, VLC atau codec-codec, untuk konversi digital ke analog agar dapat kita saksikan.


August 15, 2021

My Technical Analysis on Forex Major and Commodity Pairs 2021

major and commodity pairs
Major and commodity pairs are the most traded pairs in all of foreign exchange (forex). I'd love to discuss about major and commodity pairs but my knowledge are not sufficient enough. My only intention here is to practice my technical analysis while I am also blogger so share them as well. This time, I do not include the date in the title because I will be sharing monthly charts which I guess may still be relevant until the end of the year. The videos are there for those who want to learn as well by watching my process but if you only want to see the result, leave it be or go to the end of the video to enlarge. Again, before going live on my premium trading signal subscription at, I would like to practice drawing trading signals and give them for free.

Major Pairs

Major pairs said to be the driver of the forex market. They are the most active pairs with the highest volume. The owner of the currencies are the largest countries in the world. Very active and very high volume means that traders can enter big and exit at any time because there will always be other traders whom they can buy or sell to.

Euro / United States Dollar (EUR/USD)

EUR/USD is the most traded pair in all of forex. The United States is the country regarded to be the super power. The European Union have many developed countries under its banner. The very long term trend is bullish and the price seemed to return above the trend line. Aggressive traders may open a long position and stop loss as much as they can handle but ideally when it goes below the supply and demand area. If not, order a long position inside the area. Expect to take profit on the supply area but if bullish trend continues, then expect a new high.

United States Dollar / Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)

The Swiss Franc originated from Switzerland known for its banking and financial system so who does not know the term Swiss Bank? USD/CHF on the widest perspective seems to be going side ways for years. The bullish divergence on the stochastic oscillator seems to support the case. Aggressive traders may open a long position and take profit near the previous top. Conservative traders may open a long position on supports further below.

Great British Pound / United States Dollar (GBP/USD)

The Great British Pound originated from the United Kingdoms (UK) where long was Britain, the mighty British Empire that dominated the world on the previous era. Previously, there were Elliot waves and bullish gartley harmonic pattern. Currently, a double bottom is seen, and broke the current bearish trend line. However, a rejection is shown on the same pervious top forming a double top. A combination of double bottom and double top will be a rectangle pattern. Aggressive traders may want to short the pair.

United States Dollar / Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)

Japan is the first country in Asia to develop and rivals the west. Preveiously, a Navarro 200 harmonic pattern was spotted on USD/JPY. Currently a cup and handle classic chart pattern is forming. Aggressive traders may want to open a long position while conservative traders may order a long position on the supply and demand area. However, if a rejection occurs on the bearish trend line, then traders may want to open a short position instead.

Commodity Pairs

Some believes that these three pairs should also be regarded as major pairs as well but they are put into commodity pairs instead. They are called commodity pairs because they originated from countries with large amounts of commodity reserves. There are other commodity pairs but this article only analyzes commodity pairs that many believes to be a major pair as well because their trading volume sometimes exceed all other major pairs.

United States Dollar / Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD)

Canada is in unspoiled landscape with abundant of natural resources where currently the country's largest exports are fuels and oils. The monthly chart shows a clear double top and double bottoms forming a rectangle. Trade inside the rectangle and follow the direction once the market decides to break the rectangle pattern.

Australian Dollar / United States Dollar (AUD/USD)

Not only Australia is the most abundant in coal and iron ore, it also exports petroleum and gold. Previously there are Elliot wave and two cups and handle pattern. The recent market also shows a potential cup and handle where traders are recommended to wait for the correction to end before entering a long position. After that, there is a bearish trend that needs to be broken where if not then traders should enter a short position.

New Zealand Dollar / United States Dollar (NZD/USD)

New Zealand is the world's biggest exporter of concentrated milk and also exports other dairy products, meat, wool and like Australia, gold as well. Previously, there was a cup and handle pattern and a new cypher pattern. Now there many potential patterns for the future which are bullish flag, double top, cup and handle, and max bullish gartley.

Not Financial Advice Rules

  1. It is never my fault.
  2. Any losses occurred on your side, do not forget rule number 1. It is not my fault but it is your fault for following me.
  3. Therefore, it is very highly recommended to do your own research.
  4. Do not trade more than you can afford to lose.
  5. Additionally, this is only for educational purpose though even the intention is not even for that but only as my technical analysis practice note for me to review in the future.


August 13, 2021

Dasar-Dasar Analisis Teknis Keuangan bahkan di Kripto

fta basics
Dengan latar belakang akademis saya, saya mengandalkan analisis fundamental untuk berinvestasi dalam mata uang kripto. Setelah membaca whitepaper mereka, menggunakan produk mereka, melihat roadmap mereka, dan mensurvei kompetisi mereka, saya melakukan analisis sentimen amatir seperti melihat berita, memeriksa akun Twitter mereka, dan bergabung dengan grup Telegram mereka. Namun, metode tersebut hanya bekerja efektif dalam berburu permata. Menemukan proyek dengan fundamental yang baik tetapi masih sangat sedikit yang mengetahuinya, hampir merupakan jaminan strategi investasi yang menang. Kemenangan pertama saya adalah Statera di mana lingkaran deflasi adalah sebuah revolusi saat $100 saya menjadi $1000. Kemudian DEXMEX, salah satu perdagangan leverage pertama di Uniswap dari $10000 saya menjadi $20000 dimana saya menjual lebih awal yang puncaknya adalah $30000. Akhirnya JDI Yield dari $10000 menjadi $30000 di mana saya menjual lebih awal juga yang mencapai $140000. Masalahnya, bagaimana dengan proyek yang sudah populer? Saat itu saya tidak tertarik dengan Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Harmony One dan seterusnya karena mereka sudah naik, dalam harga yang paling tinggi yang terlalu mahal di mata saya. Saya tidak suka membeli aset yang sudah naik karena semua pengalaman saya di semua koin ini, setiap kali saya membeli selalu turun. Meskipun saya cukup beruntung untuk mendapatkan $100 di Polkadot, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, dan Kucoin dimana semuanya menjadi $1000. Jadi pertanyaannya adalah, bagaimana saya bisa mengetahui waktu yang tepat untuk memasuki proyek fundamental yang bagus ini tetapi sudah populer? Jawaban yang saya temukan adalah analisis teknikal keuangan. Saat itu saya hanya menggunakan analisis fundamental dan sentimen, tanpa analisis teknis di mana saya tidak dapat menghindari: menjual terlalu dini, menjual terlalu terlambat, membeli terlalu terlambat dan lebih buruk lagi karena takut ketinggalan (fear of missing out atau FOMO). Meskipun analisis teknis tidak sepenuhnya mengurangi masalah tersebut, hanya mempelajari dasar-dasarnya saja sangat membantu. Dalam artikel ini, saya mencantumkan materi dasar di mana saya meninggalkan hyperlink ke bab yang saya tulis di setiap judulnya, jadi klik mereka untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut tentang dasar-dasar secara rinci.

1. Teori DOW

The DOW Theory
Saya telah menulis interpretasi saya tentang teori DOW dalam bab ini. Saya juga telah memasukkan interpretasi saya terkait dengan kripto di gambar fitur. Sekarang, saya bahkan dapat menafsirkan versi lain tentang krippto yang saya yakini bahwa Teori DOW berlaku di setiap pasar termasuk pasar kripto:
  1. Pasar kripto tidak pernah salah. Kita analis, pendukung, investor, dan pedagang lah yang salah. Merupakan kesalahan kita karena tidak bereaksi terhadap tweet Elon Musk dan China Fud. Tentu saya percaya pasar dimanipulasi, tetapi itu adalah kesalahan kita karena kita tidak dapat mengambil keuntungan dari manipulasi itu. Orang membeli, orang menjual, orang menggunakan, pasar adalah apa adanya. (Aslinya, the market discounts everything.)
  2. Bagi kalian yang mengatakan bahwa kripto adalah aset dengan kinerja terburuk, perkecil bagannya. Saat saya menulis hari ini, $30000 per Bitcoin masih merupakan yang tertinggi sepanjang masa dibandingkan tahun-tahun lainnya. 2017 merupakan tertinggi kedua yaitu sekitar $20000 dan semua tahun lainnya lebih rendah dari itu. Keseluruhan menunjukkan Bitcoin masih bullish. (aslinya, there are primary indices, secondary indices, and minor indices.)
  3. Ya, sebagian besar mata uang kripto berada di level tertinggi sepanjang masa tahun ini tetapi Anda kehilangan uang. Itu salah Anda karena tidak menyadari keserakahan yang berlebihan dan melewatkan fase penjualan panik. Pada akhirnya, Anda putus asa tetapi mengapa tidak ganti strategi saja menjadi akumulasi atau nyicil? kripto masih awal di mana masih sedikit yang mengetahui kripto. Jadi kumpulkan dan undang lebih banyak orang ke kripto. (Aslinya, there are 3 trends and 6 phases.)
  4. Periksa volume untuk melihat apakah bull run berikutnya dimulai lagi. Ketika volume sedang menurun, sungguh, luangkan lebih banyak waktu untuk memberi perhatian khusus pada pasar untuk melihat apakah kita harus mengambil untung atau tidak. (Aslinya, volume confirms the trend.)
  5. Jika pasar bull berikutnya dimulai dan Anda melewatkan pembelian Bitcoin, maka belilah koin top lainnya. Jika Anda juga melewatkannya, maka belilah altcoin lain, dan akhirnya belilah shitcoin. Namun, ketika koin populer turun, jual saja koin Anda yang lain kecuali jika benar-benar tidak berkorelasi. (Aslinya, market confirms each other.)
  6. Jangan beli di atas tetapi beli lah di koreksi kecuali Anda benar-benar ingin pasar banteng berakhir. (Aslinya, trend persists until clear reversal.)

2. Dasar-Dasar Menggambar

The Basic Drawings
Dari semua dasar, gambar dasar adalah tempat saya paling banyak berlatih. Untuk trader pro jika pola grafik yang Anda gambar sering keliru, maka mungkin fondasi Anda dalam menggambar dasar belum cukup kuat. Bagi kami orang biasa, hanya gambar dasar ini sangat membantu dalam menutupi bagian yang kosong ketika hanya menggunakan analisis fundamental dan sentimen. Gambar dasarnya adalah:
  1. Swing: menggambar pergerakan pasar yang signifikan dengan menghubungkan tekanan beli atau tekanan jual yang signifikan berikutnya. Materi ini sangat jarang ditemukan termasuk secara online tetapi ayunan merupakan garis yang sangat penting yang menentukan kebenaran tidak hanya dasar-dasar berikut tetapi juga gambar tingkat lanjut seperti pola grafik dan urutan Fibonacci.
  2. Trend: arah pasar apakah itu bullish, bearish, atau sideways.
  3. Support & Resistance: mengidentifikasi bagian bawah dan bagian atas.
  4. Supply & Demand: area yang sering terjadi pembelian dan penjualan atau area dengan kemungkinan pembelian atau penjualan yang tinggi.

3. Pola Tongkat Lilin Populer

Popular Candle Stick Patterns
Bagi trader dan investor pemula, hingga pola candle stick sudah cukup untuk menentukan entry point. Setelah mempelajari Teori DOW dan menggambar garis dasar, langkah selanjutnya adalah menemukan pola candle stick. Misalnya, tren waktu jangka panjang adalah bullish, harga terkoreksi hingga garis support terdekat, dan pola candle stick yang diikuti palu bullish menunjukkan entry point buy kita. Di sisi lain, tren long time frame adalah bearish, harga terkoreksi hingga ke garis resistance terdekat, dan pola candle stick diikuti oleh bintang jatuh bearish yang harus kita pertimbangkan untuk mengambil keuntungan. Sekali lagi bagi kita trader pemula dan investor, mengetahui pola candle stick populer sangat membantu.

4. Indikator Teknis Populer

Popular Technical Indicators
Bagi saya, setelah menentukan titik masuk, indikator teknis membantu memastikan keputusan saya. Saya menggunakan osilator momentum untuk mengidentifikasi overbought dan oversold, konvergensi dan divergensi. Di crypto, istilah beli dip sangat populer, dan overbought pada saat penurunan menunjukkan divergensi, hampir pasti waktu untuk membeli penurunan. Di sisi lain, ketika puncak sebelumnya menunjukkan divergensi dalam oversold, kita harus berhati-hati karena koin dapat turun lebih jauh. Selain osilator, saya menggunakan rata-rata pergerakan jangka panjang untuk melihat potensi dukungan dan resistensi di masa depan, dan persimpangan rata-rata pergerakan jangka pendek dan menengah untuk melihat apakah kita berada dalam tren turun atau tren naik.

Contoh Aplikasi

Untuk Pendukung Bitcoin

BTC DCA Current
Tren Bitcoin saat ini selama beberapa minggu ini adalah sideways. Dengan menggambar ayunan kita dapat menentukan banyak level support dan resistance. Terakhir, kita dapat menggambar area di mana harga sering kali didukung dan sering ditolak. Disarankan untuk membeli secara berkala di dekat area permintaan di bawah $33000 dan menghindari pembelian di atas $37000.
BTC DCA long term
Tren 3 bulan Bitcoin adalah bearish dan sebagai pendukung, kami ingin Bitcoin hidup. Yang lebih dibutuhkan Bitcoin bukanlah orang-orang FOMO di atas, tetapi para pendukung yang membeli pada penurunan besar. Ini akan mengurangi volatilitas yang akan mendapatkan apresiasi dari orang-orang di seluruh dunia dan ketakutan dari beberapa orang yang ingin tetap berkuasa secara finansial. Salah satu alasan kuat mengapa ruang kripto hidup hari ini adalah karena banyak orang berpikir berkali-kali bahwa kripto sudah mati tetapi terbukti salah setiap saat. Dengan mengetahui analisis teknis dasar, kita dapat memperkirakan tingkat harga kritis. Dari gambar saya adalah $29000, sekitar $27000, sekitar $23000, sekitar $17000, dan sekitar $12000. Jika Anda ingin mendukung Bitcoin, jangan semuanya masuk dan selain nyicil, beli di setiap penurunan pada tingkat harga yang saya sebutkan untuk mendukung aset. Bagaimana dengan pasar banteng? Menarik garis tren sering menggambar garis tren penyesuaian dan membeli setiap kali harga mendekati garis tren. Jika kita memiliki lebih banyak orang yang tidak FOMO di atas dan mendukung garis tren, kita akan melihat waktu bullish yang panjang, dan akhirnya ke bulan.

Trader Dasar vs Trader Pemula

Basic Ethereum Trading
Hanya dasar-dasar tanpa pola grafik, Fibonacci, metode, dll kita sudah bisa melakukan perdagangan dasar. Sebagai contoh, analisis dasar saya pada Ethereum saat ini adalah menunggu sampai harga turun di dekat garis tren bullish baru-baru ini dan beli karena sudah menembus 2 garis tren bearish dan 2 resistensi dan persimpangan rata-rata bergerak terakhir menunjukkan salib emas. Alasan mengapa tidak membeli sekarang dan menunggu harga yang lebih rendah adalah karena biasanya ada pull back atau koreksi setelah menembus garis resistance dan stochastic oscillator tampaknya mendukung pengalaman tersebut dengan menunjukkan overbought dan death cross, juga penolakan tepat pada posisi long. istilah rata-rata bergerak yang tidak ditampilkan karena tidak cukup ruang pada grafik. Namun, stop loss ketika rencana tidak berjalan seperti yang diharapkan ketika harga menembus level support tajam yang akan mematahkan tren bullish. Area pengambilan keuntungan minimum adalah area pasokan berikutnya. Terakhir, risk reward masuk akal dimana rewardnya 2 kali lipat dari risikonya.
Basic Ethereum Trading Zoom Out
Teori DOW mengatakan kepada saya untuk memperkecil dan melihat apakah area dan garis memiliki hubungan dengan harga historis dan memang demikian, mendukung analisis. Misalnya, ada jarak yang cukup jauh antara level support dan area harga berikutnya yang memiliki probabilitas tinggi bahwa ketika break akan mengunjungi area tersebut. Begitulah rencana para trader dasar namun bagi para trader pemula atau pendatang baru, psikologi mereka masih cepat-cepat ambil untung dan tahan berharap akan naik lagi ketika rugi, tidak tahu kapan harus stop loss. Itu masih baik-baik saja tetapi masalahnya hampir semua orang suka all in. Stop loss sangat penting ketika semua masuk atau berisiko kehilangan segalanya. Jadi, perbedaan antara pedagang dasar dan pedagang pemula adalah bahwa pedagang pemula tidak kenal stop loss, tambahan, di banyak perdagangan keuangan terdesentralisasi (DeFi) masih belum ada fitur stop loss. Oleh karena itu, solusi bagi trader pemula adalah dengan mengubah stop loss menjadi seberapa besar mereka bersedia kehilangan. Beli seperti yang saya analisa di atas tapi tanpa stop loss dan sebaliknya dengan seberapa besar kita rela kehilangan (terapkan analisa teknikal dasar tapi stop loss -> batasi pembelanjaan). Sebagai contoh, kita rela kehilangan tidak lebih dari Rp. 10000, jadi belilah Rp. 10000, jika meningkat maka bersyukurlah dan jika turun maka relakan saja kehilangan Rp. 10000 dan lupakan.