October 17, 2019

Just Selling Your Used Stuff Gives Much Benefits

Audio blog if you just want to listen like while doing other stuffs.

Do you have stuffs that you no longer use? Why not sell those stuffs instead of letting them being wasted and filling spaces. Donating them is also a good idea that you will be helping people and making the world a better place and if you are a believer like me, good stuffs comes around.

1. Why you should sell

  • The saying is "your junk maybe someone else's treasure".
  • You free up space and not waste those stuffs.
  • Ofcourse, you get money:
    • If you are in a critical state, that money means a lot to help you survive to get food and water.
    • If you are in financial trouble, that money helps you pay your bills and debts.
    • You can save that money as backup where you may need to use them later on.
    • You can use them to diversify your assets such as buying gold, bitcoin, real-estates, and consumables.
    • You can use them to invest whether in some investment product or your own business.
  • Most importantly, you gain experience:
    • You have gone through the process of advertising and striking a deal with your client, you added a skill in your skill column where who knows you may need it in the future.
    • The more you do, the more easier and fun it gets, the more the experience, the knowledge, and motivation.
    • Marketing is one of the essential skills to get rich.

2. How to sell your item

  • Prepare your mindset to accept failures, do not get discourage by critics, mocks, and rejections.
  • Test your item whether it works properly (publishing your testing process is an advantage).
  • Clean your item and package it well.
  • Survey the market, evaluate your item, and determine your price.
  • Find an advertisement platform or make your own platform or just broadcast to your peers.
  • Place a detailed advertisement and always be honest, open, and polite to your customers.
  • Make a deal once a customer arrived such as price, and delivery method or place and time of meeting, and stick to that deal and be aware of suspicious activities.
  • Proceed with the transaction and keep yourself open.

3. My examples

October 14, 2019

My Steps from Poor to Middle Class to Rich for Independent Singles

0. Keywords

  • Income
  • Expense
  • Asset
  • Liability
  • Saving
  • Study
  • Scholarship
  • Accounting
  • Investment
  • Business
  • Debt
  • Tax
  • Cash Flow
  • Financial

1. Surviving Poverty

When I was artificially poor, I only focus on incomes and expenses to get out of it.
Absolute rule during this time: expense must be lower than income.

A. Cutting your expenses / save / conserve

  • Cutting your expenses is what every singles can do. Start accounting:
    • At least, record your spending at least every week, if possible, every transactions like I did even note how much you spend each time you buy lunch.
    • Even further, do budgeting. I don't do budgeting because: 
      • I'm not interested in buying new clothes, new vehicle, new house.
      • I don't go to restaurants unless friends invite me.
      • I'm not into luxuries and pleasures.
      • I rarely buy snacks and eat on average 2 times a day snackless
      • My laptop and mobile phone and free Internet are enough for my education and entertainment.
      • Enjoy nature, walk around the park, enjoy the breeze, go to the sea, meditate in the mountains, "it is never necessary to buy anything".
  • If your expenses is high but still cannot cut, then it is either you are lazy or spoiled, or you root problem is not expense issue but freedom and independence issue such as:
    • You need to pay tribute for your rituals, village, tribe.
    • You are in a relationship that you often have to spend often.
    • You carry family burdens.
    • In this case, you need special help because it is not about overspending issues.
  • Unfortunately I have never been poor but artificially poor. Let me share my experiences:
    • Even when I was in preschool, I always have a mindset that what my parents gave me is never mine, "it's theirs!", so I almost never ask any items.
    • With that mindset, I became a walking bank, being completely conservative:
      • What my parents gave me, I almost never spent except for lunch at school because I was forced to because the school didn't allow me to go home to cook.
      • My wallet was thick and my shelf was filled with cash that in my 6 years of highschool, I accumulated $500 that my Mother got annoyed with me stacking those cash, and took me to a bank to open an account.
      • During my 4 year of college, I accumulated up to $1000 and I sometimes sneak and used my pocket money to pay my $200 yearly college tuition fee, and most of the time my parents found out and forcefully cover them so I probably would have accumulated $1500.
      • My laptops are second hand laptops after every time my parents finished using them. They bought a new better ones and I volunteered to use their old ones, this also applies for most of my smartphones. Even now as I am writing this blog that I'm still using my Mother's old laptop from 5 years ago. During my college, I used dual core laptop while my friends are already using i5s and i7s.
  • Debt / Loan:
    • Never use debt for expenses such as your bills and the worst is using your credit card for overspending. If you are overspending, put them in the fridge right now and freeze them.
    • Debt should only be used for your own business and investment.
    • Student loan from my point of view is very risky, my opinion is as risky as the stock market.
      • If your tuition is $4000 a year, and you plan to graduate in 4 years, you need a student loan ($4000 + living cost) * 4. Living cost for example is $400 a month in develop countries so it will be $4800 a year. After you graduate, you will be $35200 in debt. If your salary is $3000/month - $400 living cost, you will only be free of debt after a year and two months. NOTE: I haven't include taxes, accidental expenses, your entertainments, and finally are you lucky enough to get a salary of $3000/month? What happen if the average is $1000 - 2000 a month? In developing countries, average salary is $300/month.
      • That's assuming that you graduated and manage to get a job or other sources of income. If you fail, you will be eaten alive.
      • With the current stability of the world economy, conditions are much worse than in the past.
      • During studies you will be burden with graduating and after graduation you will be burdened with them. Therefore, your creativity, innovations, etc are suppressed. Your view will most likely be narrow that you cannot see what you normally can see and miss many possibilities and opportunities.
      • Only go for student loan if you truly enjoy studying and dedicate yourself to expertise and contributions. Always consider that you may remain stuck below middle class.

B. Increase your Income

  • Most people know to increase your income is to get a job and work hard. 
  • I was in Indonesia and after graduating I got a great paying job in a factory as a manufacture engineer where my salary is $400/month if I remembered correctly plus lunch, transportation, and housing covered. 
  • Additionally, I almost never missed over time where the normal time is 07:30 - 17:00, I worked from 07:30 - 20:30. The perks are $600/month and free dinner. I'm usually off on Saturday and Sunday, if I continuously work, I could have gain and save even more. In the end, I worked for 5 month and accumulated $2500. I could have accumulated more if I didn't go to parties and overspend
  • Sell stuffs that you don't need. Trust me, this helps very much. Not only that you get pocket money, you gain more space.

2. Maintaining Middle Class

If you follow my suggestions of how to survive poverty, you will reach middle class. After I reached this, I got a non-binding scholarship and continued to my Master's and PhD. Most entrepreneurs tells you that school is a waste, but not scholarships especially a non-binding one. Not only I'm paid $1400 a month to study, I'm free after I graduate or if I fail, I don't need to repay them. Even more, they free my schedule after I finish all my classes in 2 years. The remaining 4 years, I can do whatever I want, I even sleep 12 hours a day, and in these times I caught up with the news of world, global economy, history, learn about finance, investments, passive incomes, entrepreneurship, and other things. All I'm obligated for are progress every week, publications, and thesis.

A. Liability is what Breaks most Middle Class

  • It is during middle class where most people fall into the trap of liability. Liabilities are things that you have that causes more expenses than income. Food, water, electricity, house, Internet, are maybe necessary liabilities if not over indulge. Examples of unnecessary liabilities are:
    • You get into relationships. Only few relationships are beneficial. Most relationships are expensive if you are a man because most of the time, you pay.
    • You buy a pet, and you need to feed and take care of it everyday, it's not cheap. I haven't mention that you need to pay medical bills if it get sick.
    • Subscribing to entertainments such as Netflix that bills you monthly.
    • Starting a family is initially a liability although the greatest asset in the long run but only if you succeed. You have to pay lots to take care of them. Therefore, don't start a family unless you can afford. Don't you feel sorry that your children have to suffer because of your poverty?
  • This may not be called liability, but when most people earn lots of money for the first time, they are tempted to overspend them in luxuries and pleasures such as:
    • Going to expensive restaurants.
    • Buy new stuffs that you don't need such as new bags, clothes, sandals, shoes, cosmetics, smartphones, devices, you named it.
    • Over enjoying entertainments such as too much going to cinemas, concerts, theme parks, expensive tourist areas, etc.
    • Indulge in pleasures such as messages, hotels, vacations, even red light district. Have you heard, "I don't care how hard you work, if you can't afford then you can't afford", stop over using your credit card.
    • Gambling.
  •  Middle class mistook asset for liability.
    • Your house is not yet an asset until it generate income. Traditionally, you buy low and sell high to get profit, but will you sell? is your profit larger than your house expenses such as your electricity, maintenance, and water bill? the bigger the house, the larger the expenses. Therefore, if you need a house only to live in, buy a house with lower expenses. What real-estate investors do, they buy houses and rent them or do other business with them.
    • Your car is an asset only if its benefits are higher than the expenses. Example expenses are fuel and maintenance. Example benefits are increasing productivity at work and serves well during emergencies. Example business are renting the car or directly become a driver. If the income is greater than the expenses, then it's profitable. It's great that if you can sell higher than you buy for, but that is an extremely rare case. Ask yourself whether its benefits are worth the costs.
    • Larger electronics such as larger fridge and television are liabilities. To be more precise, electronics that consumes larger electricity. Buying electronics that are more expensive but lower electricity consumption generally profitable on the long run.

B. Investment Product

Once people reach middle class, they often have leftover money after spending. They generally store their fiat cash and unaware that their fiat cash are losing value due to inflation and other factors. Finding a good investment takes education and time but you can jump into these investment products immediately:
  • Government bond: in my country Indonesia, the minimum investment amount is $100, the interest around 6% yearly, but the lock term is 1 - 2 years which only invest if you think you will not need the money by then. The government says it is the safest investment because it is protected by the law. If you want to contribute to your country, this is the right investment for you. In my opinion, this is only to protect your fiat, it will not make you rich, try once for experience but think twice for next time unless you are already rich.
  • Certificate of Deposit (CFD): the purpose of CFDs are to lock your money in the bank. if the interest rate are positive, meaning you are lending your money, if negative, you are paying fee to the bank to keep your money safe. Avoid Europe and Japan because they have negative interest, and US because very low. In Indonesia is around 5% with lock term ranging from 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, and 2 year with minimum amount $1000 which is still worth considering. For example, if you still don't know what to invest, you can buy a CFD of 1 - 3 month and withdraw once you know.
  • Mutual Fund: definitely a product if you don't know what to invest in because they have investment managers that will decide for you. The good thing is there are lots of products with varying features. There are products with lock terms ranging from 1 day to 1 year, minimum investment starting from $10, risk profile from safe to dangerous. In my case, put my money into a mutual fund continuously and then withdraw them any time when I have a business that I want to do.
Unlike the previous investments which are only to preserve your wealth and earn some pocket money (unless you are rich), the following investments can make you rich but have higher risks:
  • Stocks: they are pieces of company where if the company performs well, more people demands for it and the value will rise, but vice versa as well. In minimum, know the piece of corporation that you buy and you think that it will survive in the future. In detail, investigate the corporation's cash flow and reputation.
  • Commodities: cotton, lumber, sugar, salt, oil, etc. You need study the market and predict which commodities will be demanded in the future.
  • Cryptocurrency: a new emerging monetary system. You have to study the projects and predict which ones will rise in the future.
  • Land and real-estate: the most popular and profitable but very expensive and risky if you don't have any knowledge.

C. Asset Types Diversification

  • Fiat currency: such as the dollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, etc. Never hold 100% fiat because their histories are very bad. It is monopolized by the federal reserve or the government. Economy will prosper if they do well but history doesn't tell well. For example 1997 asian financial crisis, 2008 global crisis, currently Argentina, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe are examples of failing monetary system. Their cash returns to be as worthless as paper. Imagine that one billion of paper money can only buy you a loaf of bread.
  • Gold, silver, and other precious metals: history proven that they survived for thousand of years and whenever fiat currency fails such as the Roman Empire, the world returns to the gold standard.
  • Consumables: the very basics itself. Having your own food and water storage is much more safer than stashing any kinds of money.
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency: bitcoin was created after 2008 as a response to 2008 monetary crisis. People are losing trust in the governments and developed bitcoin is a monetary system that cannot be controlled by any parties including the government. It works purely by mathematics, network, and the free market of supply and demand. This system is design to give people freedom of financial especially in oppressive countries. Not only that no one can take down bitcoin but cryptocurrencies if used correctly, cannot be touched by any authorities or oppressors.

3. Becoming Rich

A. Asset

  • The rich focuses on the asset column which is anything that generates income for you.
  • The best assets are passive incomes which you don't need to do anything to get incomes, in other words, these assets works for you.
  • Your own business should be your best investment.
  • Business generally have the highest return, expandable or increase its productivity, and you control and own.
  • Some example: monetized contents such as your blogs, websites, video contents, rental properties, and shops.

B. Pay yourself first

Increasing income is what most people know and focuses, decreasing expenses and budgeting are widely known but underestimated, and pay yourself first is the advanced version invented by the riches man in Babylon. After you receive your incomes, pay fixed expenses and invest immediately, not the other way around where you wait for leftovers to be used for investing.

4. Faqs

  • What are the necessities? 
    • Food, water, and house service. To gain them, you have to work. Nowadays, work are a getting a job or doing a business to get money and buy necessities, but that's not necessary it. Work to live is how to get those necessities where the very basic is in nature where find trees to get fruits, go to the mountain for clean water, fish, and hunt.
  • How to get out of poverty?
    • Decrease your expenses or increase your incomes.
  • How to get middle class?
    • Increase your income: work harder, get more jobs, or find other sources of income.
  • How to sustain financially?
    • Start accounting and calculate your budget.
    • Beware of liabilities.
  • How to start investing?
    • Pay yourself first.
    • Find an investment product.
    • Use your leftovers.
  • How to get rich?
    • Focus on assets primarily, passive incomes.
    • Start your own business and regularly invest in it.
  • How to face upcoming monetary crisis?
    • Never hold 100% fiat and diversify such as gold, bitcoin, commodities, and real-estate.
    • Educate yourself.

October 12, 2019

My Exercise Towards Financial Freedom and Independence

0. Summary

I wrote this article to further motivate myself to do the exercise that design after hearing many financial advises from the riches. The theory is in https://0darkking0.blogspot.com/2019/10/my-steps-from-poor-to-middle-class-to.html. In summary the exercises are accounting --> budgeting --> pay yourself first --> diversification and investment --> business. Ideally, each exercises runs for a month but you may fast forward, visualize in your imagination, or skip.

1. Exercise 1: noting your incomes and expenses

A very basic and natural exercise but also mostly underestimated. "What? I didn't realize that I spent that much?" Does that sound familiar to you? What's in your mind or in your memory may not be accurate which is why the basic accounting of noting your incomes and expenses.
  • Download a financial app such as Andromoney or use simple software such as Spreadsheet or carry a notebook and note every time you make an expense for a month.
  • Already more than a year, I note my income and expenses as detail as each time I bough my lunch for example on the Figure below.
  • Note your incomes, salary if you are an employee, pocket money if you are still a kid, teen, students, and etc.

2. Exercise 2: create a budget

If you are interested on why budgeting, take a look at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwyhDyJ3VORb-RuLRAP87MmqTPa7KhV2L.

Use the notes on Exercise 1 to estimate your monthly budget. For example mine:
  • Income: $1300.
  • Fixed expense $300:
    • Rent: $170.
    • Phone service: $30.
    • Electricity: $50.
    • Gas: $50.
  • Food $22 x 30 = $660:
    • Breakfast: $5/day.
    • Lunch: $6/day.
    • Dinner: $6/day.
    • Snack: $5/day.
  • Backup $140.
  • Leftover = $1300 - $300 - $660 - $140 = $200.
I actually made my most expensive budget. For example, I don't usually do breakfast and snack, and sometimes lunch and dinner are only $4.5 and cut even further if I choose to cook, and never I used all of my backup. Oh, I'm not interested in shopping for more clothes, items, etc.

If your expenses are larger than your incomes, then you have a problem. Either cut more expenses or work harder or sell anything that you no longer need or anything else that can raise your income. Proceed to the next exercise.

3. Exercise 3: pay yourself first

The secret of the most wealthy man in Babylon is "pay yourself first". In my opinion, it's the advanced version of budgeting.
  • Now that you know your budget from Exercise 2, in this exercise, use your calculated budget to calculate the money to pay yourself first.
  • In my case leftover = $1300 - $300 - $660 - $140 = $200 = pay yourself first.
  • No matter what, don't ever use this money for your expenses.
  • For example, if accidental stuffs happens, find a way to generate more income, work harder / overtime, or borrow money.

4. Exercise 4: diversification

Buying gold, bitcoin, commodities, etc are not the most important parts. The most important thing is educating yourself. Holding 100% fiat cash such as dollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan, etc is dangerous because there are many predictions of financial crisis, take a look at what happened at Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina, Iran, Zimbabwe, etc. Read my other blog post https://0darkking0.blogspot.com/2019/09/my-inspiration-for-global-financial.html.
  • Educate yourself.
  • Plan a portfolio of your asset diversification. For example on the left.
  • Diversify your assets.
    • After obtaining your incomes, immediately pay yourself first, and spend it on different types of assets.
    • At the end of your budgeting (end of the month) if you have leftovers, store some of that cash as backup (you decide whether it is 10% or 25%), then spend the remaining on different types of assets.
Maybe some of you like me a long time ago are very enthusiast that you are not patient enough to study first and you are motivated by learning from doing / experience. If that's the case, you can just start buying small for example, buy $10 each of gold and bitcoin and hold rather than you buy lots and you become frighten when the price drops.

5. Exercise 5: investment

  • "If you cannot make money while you sleep, you will work forever", Warren Buffet. Investing your money means, putting your money to work to make more money.
  • The same as exercise 4, use your pay yourself first and leftovers (if any) for investment. However, before that, educate yourself first and allocate investment into your portfolio if you haven't. 
  • In my opinion, your own business is the best investment. However, planning your business or finding a good investment, takes time. Therefore, it is fine to put your money temporary (in my opinion avoid lock terms over 3 months) into common investment products:
    • Government bond: in my country Indonesia, the minimum investment amount is $100, the interest around 6% yearly, and lock term 1 - 2 years. The government says it is the safest investment because it is protected by the law. If you want to contribute to your country, this is the right investment for you. In my opinion, this is only to protect your fiat, it will not make you rich, try once for experience but think twice for next time unless you are already rich.
    • Certificate of Deposit (CFD): the purpose of CFDs are to lock your money in the bank. if the interest rate are positive, meaning you are lending your money, if negative, you are paying fee to the bank to keep your money safe. Avoid Europe and Japan because they have negative interest, and US because very low. In Indonesia is around 5% with lock term ranging from 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, and 2 year with minimum amount $1000 which is still worth considering. For example, if you still don't know what to invest, you can buy a CFD of 1 - 3 month and withdraw once you know.
    • Mutual Fund: definitely a product if you don't know what to invest in because they have investment managers that will decide for you. The good thing is there are lots of products with varying features. There are products with lock terms ranging from 1 day to 1 year, minimum investment starting from $10, risk profile from safe to dangerous. In my case, put my money into a mutual fund continuously and then withdraw them any time when I have a business that I want to do.
    • Stock: buying pieces of a corporation. You will gain profit if the piece of corporation you buy increases in value and vice versa. In minimum, know the piece of corporation that you buy and you think that it will survive in the future. In detail, investigate the corporation's cash flow and reputation.
    • Commodities: cotton, lumber, sugar, salt, oil, you name it.
    • Land and real-estates: the most popular and profitable but very expensive and risky if you don't have any knowledge.

6. Exercise 6: mind your own business

Your business is potentially your best investment. "The rich focuses on the asset column", Robert Kiyosaki. Assets are things the generates revenue such as rental properties, stores, and factories. The best asset is passive income where it generates revenue automatically without you doing anything.

This is the step that I'm in, I'm currently trying to find a business that I can do. Once I succeed, I will update this section in the future.

7. Optional exercise 7: leverage

  • Sign up to a leverage platform and deposit money.
  • Predict whether commodities, cryptocurrencies, and foreign currencies goes up or down and put your position.
  • Master take profit and stop loss.
  • Leveraging without basis is the same as gambling, therefore study lots before doing this.
  • If you succeed, you will multiply your money like how gambling does.

8. Faqs

  • What are the necessities? 
    • Food, water, and house service. To gain them, you have to work. Nowadays, work are a getting a job or doing a business to get money and buy necessities, but that's not necessary it. Work to live is how to get those necessities where the very basic is in nature where find trees to get fruits, go to the mountain for clean water, fish, and hunt.
  • How to get out of poverty?
    • Decrease your expenses or increase your incomes.
  • How to get middle class?
    • Increase your income: work harder, get more jobs, or find other sources of income.
  • How to sustain financially?
    • Start accounting and calculate your budget.
    • Beware of liabilities.
  • How to start investing?
    • Pay yourself first.
    • Find an investment product.
    • Use your leftovers.
  • How to get rich?
    • Focus on assets primarily, passive incomes.
    • Start your own business and regularly invest in it.
  • How to face upcoming monetary crisis?
    • Never hold 100% fiat and diversify such as gold, bitcoin, commodities, and real-estate.
    • Educate yourself.

September 27, 2019

Diversification Long Before Financial Crisis

0. Quick Tips: Consider More Items and Diversify

  • Do not put most of your money to 3rd parties. This includes banks and government institutions. Trust me, they will hesistate to sacrifice you to save the system.
  • Food, water, shelter, clothing, item, etc: essential for living.
  • Knowledge, experience, strength, ability, networking: basics.
  • Gold and other precious metals: survived for thousands of years.
  • Properties, real estates, and land: well performed assets.
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: borderless, decentralized, private, and uncensored currency where you have full power and freedom of your financials.
  • Stocks: like owning pieces of companies, if the companies you own perform well, you will earn more and vice versa.
  • Business and other assets: anything that can generate revenue.
  • Fiat: this is the dollar, pound, euro, yen, yuan, etc where even more people are worried about crisis but still the primary tool to exchange values such as for buying food, drinks, and rent, however never hold 100% into this because many predicts that it will collapse (I hold at maximum 50% including my expenses).
  • Certificate of deposit, bonds, mutual funds, and stakes: for savers (great for other items but becareful if using fiat).

1. Inspiration about money, how to prepare for financial crisis, and why gold is valuable.

A short video by Mike Maloney explaining 140 years timeline of monetary history. What is money? What is currency? He explains very well and easy to understand.

A playlist of Mike Maloney hidden secret of money which is a good material explaining why you should prepare for crisis.

Gold is the safest and most popular because they are very limited and unique where it properties almost cannot be tainted. Only the Lord of The Worlds and Alchemists can disrupt gold. There are other precious metals such silver, platinum, palladium, and bronze but not as popular and trusted as gold.

Summary: educate yourself about financial before it is too late, how many crisis have we faced, and how many countries are currently facing crisis such as Argentina, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, your country can be next, and never hold 100% fiat and educate yourself into other assets and items such as gold. If you only know how to save currencies such as the Dollar, Euro, Pound, and Yen, you are still not safe. The problem with saving currencies today is that the government can print them as much as they want and it's proven to be losing value for years. I'm from Indonesia and I remembered that during my parent's time, a full meal costs Rp 1000, during my teenager time costs Rp 10000, and now over Rp 20000. For extreme cases take a look at Venezuela and Zimbabwe. A trillion of their local currency can only buy a bread.

2. Taking Advantage of The System and Entrepreneurship

Why do you work for currency if the Central Banks, Federal Reserve, and government are printing faster that you can work for? The riches people in the world like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are businessmen and investors. It's not wrong to be an employee or be a government servant, but do learn about financials and question the current system. Before that, learn some basics about assets, liabilities, etc with Robert Kiyosaki.

Most developed countries are rushing their interest rate to zero. Japan and Europe now have negative interest. What does that mean? Catastrophe for you oh fiat / bank note savers. Instead of earning money when depositing into the bank, you will lose money. However rejoice! this is also a chance to take advantage of the system. It means they are paying you to borrow money. Go out there and borrow money to buy assets and start your business (disclaimer: plan fully and carefully beforehand or you will likely face bankrupcy). Land and real estates are expensive but well worth it if you do correctly.

Debts / loans should only be used for business or anything else to gain more money and never use them for anything else. Student loan is another thing I hate because you are forced to work and be enslaved after graduating to pay them back, even worse if you failed your study. I did my Bachelor because I can afford, finished my Master's, and currently doing my Doctoral because I got a scholarship with no binding contract. The worst case is using loans to buy liabilities, such as over spending, over shopping, over usage of your credit cards, indulging in pleasures, and other ways of wasting money. Ignore these or you can end up like the video above.

3. Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

I repeat! Bitcoin and other cryptocurrenciesBorderless, decentralized, private, and uncensored currency where you have full power and freedom of your financials. 

  • You have full control of your account.
  • You can become your own bank.
  • No one can tell you who you can and can't transact with.
  • You can carry it anywhere even across borders.
  • You have the right to be anonymous.
  • Free from any types of controls even from central banks, federal reserves, and central governments. The currency of the people and community.
  • Free from middle party but remain in consensus by the law of mathematics and the network.

Even I admit that the first time I dived into cryptocurrency is because of the chart that showed me that I can be rich quick (if I buy bitcoin few years ago at $100, it is worth $10000 today, I entered at $5000). However, this shiny object blinds people from the true essence of what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are which is why entrepreneur such as Robert Kiyosaki are not interested in it. Warren Buffet and Peter Schiff hates it, and the government may never find an agreement because we are in opposition. For cryptocurrency to rise, the tyranny of the central bankers, corporations, and current global financial system have to fall (let's just hope that I'm wrong). Why was bitcoin created? Is one of the most important question. For this Andreas Antonopoulos explains very well.

Cryptocurrency can be dangerous where you have to do your research first but at least their supplies are limited unlike currencies. I'm bullish because I see cryptocurrency as the Internet in the 1990s where they say Internet are for drugs, guns, pornography, terrorist, etc. Today, Internet is one of the most valuable aspect of our lives, and I believe that it will be so for cryptocurrency.

4. Finally, my extra and controversial opinion.

Money is just a tool to communicate values. If you are powerful, do you need money? Therefore, it's the basics that are important which are knowledge, experience, abilities and most importantly power. With abilities, you can hunt for your own necessities. If you are immortal, do you still need food, drinks, and housings? If you are all powerful, doesn't everything bows to your will? https://www.youtube.com/user/PurnamaABC

5. Copies of this article:

August 25, 2019

Online Content Monetization (Under Revision)

1. Introduction

With the computer and the Internet you can create and post your contents almost for free and publicly. Nowadays you can monetize your contents and gain passive incomes. Many have regard this as a full time job but it is very flexible. It can be a part time job or just a hobby that can generate incomes. More importantly, it's almost effortless to apply the simple ones.

2. How Monetization Works

It all depends on the method but overall is either the audience pays you or 3rd parties pays you.

3. Method

3.1 Donation

This method in my opinion is the simplest way and everybody knows. You can ask for donations through:
  • Contact, bank account, etc information (old way).
  • Links such as paypal and cryptocurrency address link.
  • QR code which is the link method version preferred for mobile audiences.
  • Advance interfaces such as buttons.

3.3 Advertisement

3.3.1 Own Advertisement

If you can make your own contents then you can make your own advertisement. Make your own banner or just simply manually write an advertisement on an empty space. Ofcourse, you need your own business to do this. Very simple advertisement examples: subscribe to my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PurnamaABC, selling second hand stuffs, or even selling lemonade near your house.

3.3.2 Endorsement

Also a type of making your own advertisement but not entirely your own business. Most of the time you endorse someone else's business and you receive commission. For example:

3.3.3 3rd Party Advertisement

Rent some of your space to 3rd parties. The most popular one today is Goodle Adsense.

3.4 Airtime

Recently, applications came out that allows you to monetize your platform where you earn coins for the amount of time your audience viewing your contents. Also, they recently support monetization of your social media where you earn coins for audience viewing your social media post, profile, etc. Common supported social media and platforms are Bittube, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. For these social media's all you have to do is to link your profile while for your own, put special codes on your site. Below are list of applications:

3.5 Mining

You can ask or force your audience to mine cryptocurrency for you since mining now is possible on Javascript. By default, the audience browser runs Javascript automatically. Therefore, they will mine for you when they open your contents. Some people may consider this unethical because the mining is without their permission. The solution is asking for their permission to mine. If you would like to enforce, you can kick them out if they don't agree. A more leisure way is to immediately tell them that mining is active and tell them that they may leave if they don't agree. I provide a button at the top if they want to stop mining or mine even more, they have the freedom. For example: https://www.coinimp.com/invite/8c923bdd-07f9-4051-a110-bf3db7fb8d07.

August 24, 2019

Try Gambling For Free on Crypto Gambling Sites (Draft in Revision)

0. Quick Statements

  • To gamble in casinos have many restrictions for most people, online gambling sites are usually not cheap, but for crypto sites you can start for free and may continue being free.
  • The sites usually give you free coins to try gambling.
  • They also usually giveaway free coins daily.
  • If you are not allow to gamble, personally is no problem for as long as you don't deposit your money. Just use the money that they gave you. In my opinion, gambling is waging your own money to gain more where you can risk of losing everything. It's fine if you are waging free money right?
  • Sure getting quick money almost always just a dream but why not try the games and enjoy instead of thinking about profits.

1. Simple Multipliers

Just as the heading said, wager some coins to be multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, etc. Here are some list:

2. Dice, Crash, Blackjack, Roulete

August 23, 2019

My Inspiration About The Secret of Financial Intelligence

0. Quick Tips: Study Financial Statement

  • Educate yourself now because no matter how much you have now, the risk is always there.
  • Generate income efficiently / efficiency index = income ÷ work time & effort.
  • Conserve / control your expenses / cure your overspending / stop wasting money.
  • Avoid as much liabilities as possible / any possessions that generates more expenses. 
  • Focus on assets / passive incomes are best / put your money to work / invest well.
  • Always aim for long term freedom and independence, it's better to enjoy what you do.
  • Overall, learn cash flow.
At the very general, there are three levels of people. For me, I study in them in this order: poor > middle class > rich.
  1. Learn why people are poor and find ways to get out of poverty.
  2. Learn how the poor can become middle class but why middle class cannot become rich.
  3. Learn the rules that distinguishes between the rich and the middle class plus the poor.

1. Inspiration

I recommend watching in the following order:

I recommend to watch this one for basic understanding and you may skip the rest for later.

The following are videos about Garret Gunderson and Robert Kiyosaki distiguishing between poor, middle class, and rich.

2. Overview

A. Income

  • The most popular way to earn is to work for someone or become an employee and on the other side is to do your own business.
  • No matter whether you are an employee, employer, or freelance, what really matter is the work efficiency. The greater the income and the lower time & effort to generate that income the greater the efficiency.

B. Expense

  • The basic of all is to stop wasting. Buy what you need and manage your desires in other words manage your expenses.
  • The most occurring financial problem is not the lack of income but mismanaged and uncontrolled expense.

C. Investing

Investing is putting your money to work without you making effort to gain higher return with concrete planning.

3. The Poor

A. Income

  • Worst Case: work hard gain little, waste of energy and time. Gain is not only wealth. If you gain little wealth but gain experience, knowledge, skills, strength, etc, it may still be worth it.

B. Expense

  • Worst Case: expense = income and even worse, expense > income. Example of overspending is working very hard and use them all for luxuries and pleasures such as going to restaurants, buying services, especially something that you don't really need.

C. Investment

Not investing is a waste, but even worse is not considering and learning about investing. The poor definitely don't invest.

4. The Middle Class

A. Income

  • Increase your income to reach middle class.
  • Common limit: work harder to gain more. Answer these questions to see whether you are in the right track. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Did you get to invest your income? Did you get to enjoy your income? Did you gain something worthy? Do you pay heavy taxes? What did you sacrifice? What did you gain? How long will you stay like this?

B. Expense

  • Common: Expense < income. It's common knowledge to not spend more than you have. You will reach lower middle class if you learn how to manage your expenses.
  • To reach or maintain upper middle class, start noting your incomes and expenses. At least calculate how much you spent and how much you have every week. For me, I record every detail of income and expenses, such as noting how much I spent for lunch and dinner, my groceries, even as detailed as your banking admin fee and transfer fee, also your charities and gifts, even as little as how much you spent to buy a piece of candy.

C. Investment

Below are investment products that are popular among middle class:
  • Government bond ($100 minimum): the safest because it is insured by the law but if you trust your currency and your government. If you love your country and want to contribute, then consider to invest in this.
  • Time deposit ($1000 minimum): very safe if you trust in your currency and banks or institutions but expensive.
  • Mutual fund ($1 - $10 minimum): you can start small, the risk depends on the type of mutual fund which ranges from safe to dangerous, but again if you trust in your currency.
  • Stock market: risky but high return. Without knowledge, investing in the stock market is the same as gambling.
  • Staking: in cryptocurrency, you stake to run the network, the more you stake the more you get, but only if you trust in the cryptocurrency.
  • Angel investing: invest directly in a company, business, etc, and earn equity meaning that you always receive percentage of their profits. Hard to find but one of the best.
Common trap: most of the time, investing on the products above does not make you rich. It only helps you to save your wealth and earn pocket money. Sometimes it is bad, for example a certificate of deposit (CFD) gave you an interest of 1% a year but inflation rate is 5% yearly. It means you are still losing money and your money is locked for a long time. The most extreme case is during financial crisis. Robert Kiyosaki always says, why would you save money (referring to fiat currency) when the government is printing more than you can save? The problem is the lack of education.

D. Liabilities

Most middle class mistook liabilities as assets. For example:
  • Your car is a liability because you need to feed fuels and regularly perform maintenance in other words, generate expenses.
  • The same goes for your house that it is a liability because you need to pay for electricity, water, and other maintenance.
  • Even people and other living thing can become liabilities. 
    • Pets are liabilities because you need to provide food, water, and care.
    • Having children is initially a liability because you need to fully take care of them and currently education is the highest expense.
    • Parents in old age, commonly they become liability because you need to take care of them (unless you are evil).
    • Friends that uses you are liabilities.

This is how far I have climbed, beyond this is the realm of the rich.

5. The Rich

As I said, I haven't reach this stage yet. What I wrote currently is what I heard and I'm fighting to reach this stage. Once I reach this stage, I will add my experiences.

A. Assets

  • Best Case: work smart and you are free to choose how hard you work. Work little and gain lots but you may work harder to gain even more. 
  • Asset is the ultimate income and the ultimate asset is passive income where you don't have to work anymore to gain income. The rich focuses on the asset column. Warren Buffet said that if you don't know how to make money while sleeping, you will forever have to work.

B. Liabilities

  • The rich are able to distinguish between assets and liabilities. 
  • Asset generates income while liabilities generates expenses.
  • Continuing from previous middle class section, a car can become an asset if it generates higher income than the expenses such as being a taxi driver, renting your car, and necessary to use your car for business. The same goes for houses, if you rent your house, then it is an asset.
  • Even people and other living thing can become assets. 
    • Pets can be an asset if their long term value is more such as helps you to relieve your stress, motivates you, or they themselves directly generate income such being a guard dog, K9, win pet competitions, entertainment industry, etc. 
    • Children will become your greatest asset when they become successful and takes care of you in the future.
    • Parents are initially asset because they are the one that takes care of you (unless they are evil).
    • Friends that benefits you are assets.

C. Investment

The Masters knows what to invest, when to invest, and when to exit. To become a Master requires lots of education and experience. The rich becomes rich by investing all or beyond the amount of wealth that they have and gain much larger returns.

D. Business

Business is a generally known term to create an asset. Starting a business is very difficult but once it's matured, money will flow to you without doing anything. For example, you have a company and all you need to do is watch over your employees working for the company. Example popular business is building real estates and renting them, building factory to mass produce products, building a restaurant and sell your cuisines, buying cars and rent them, etc. For a business to grow big, you must invest all your wealth and most of the time wealth that is beyond what you have.

E. Debt / Loan

What is wealth that is beyond your amount? Debt / Loan. The poor drown in debt, the middle class free themselves from debt, while the rich exploits debt. If you can't handle what the rich does that is discipline in focusing your assets first (like overspending in luxuries and pleasures), then get out of debt and stay middle class or debt will eat you alive and you will become poor.

F. Cash Flow

The rich masters the six key words of financial statement: (1) income, (2) expense, (3) asset, (4) liabilitiy, (5) cash, (6) flow. Finally, after mastering every other words, the rich masters cash flow.

6. My Controversial View of Wealth

  • Purchasing power is the ability to get your desires.
  • Your real necessities are food, water, health, etc.
  • Money is a language to express value and currency is the tool.
  • That tool is only valuable if it can purchase.
  • That currency in your bank is worthless until it is purchased.
  • Most currencies are only papers, when the currency collapses, they become as useless as papers. Why would you work for currency if the government prints currency faster than all of you can earn?
  • The true wealth is not the amount of Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Bitcoin, Gold. They are only language to express your values. The true wealth is what you purchased using them.
  • Would you prefer to be stuck in world with unlimited gold without food and water or to be stuck in world with unlimited food and water without gold?

August 21, 2019

My Full Dedication to Anonymity, Borderless, Decentralization, Privacy, Uncensorship, ETC on the network.

1. Cause Timeline

a. Censorship: Freedom of Consumption Issue

 I started my highschool live in Indonesia. In the 2005s, the Internet is still an open place where you can access anything you want. However, Indonesia started to censor websites when porn becomes viral. That was alright, however they went further and went too far and censored:
  • Most manga sites
  • Most anime sites
  • Most online games
  • Most mature movies
  • Reddit
  • NSFW
  • Some social medias
There's also a time when I worked in a company. Although I was given my own computer, I was restricted to do anything including install my own software, programming, and retrieve data on USB which I don't like working like that.

Other example countries that imposes restrictions are China, North Korea, and maybe most in middle east. China is known for its great firewall where its citizens are restricted to most United States (US) social medias. In North Korea, you know, you can do anything without the permission of the Supreme Leader. 

b. Tracking: Privacy Issue

I began to realize the value of privacy when I started studying abroad. In Indonesia, there wasn't anything much about monitoring, even people are free to use peer to peer network like torrent. When I started abroad, I was surprise that the police can arrest you for downloading pirated movies and softwares, and using illegal applications. Sure, I understand about uploading, but downloading I disagree, because I may download something illegal without my knowledge and to be arrested because that. Even if it's accidental and the authorities would let me go, it's a very big waste of time going through the process. Though, I still respect them more because they leave The Internet open.

There's also about the Snowden case where I was shocked the CIA was intruding in our privacy. Although, the reason is to prevent crime, but there's still a bridge that should not be crossed, because they are still humans where they can abuse and monopolize their power. While the Internet is the public network like the streets, our houses are private networks that should not be breached.

c. Termination: Freedom of Speech and Expression Issue

It was here that I started my dedication. I decided to upload my Youtube videos to Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh, and Liveleak. I decided to attempt because there are articles about importing Youtube videos to Dailymotion, and made me interested. I read these video platforms terms and services and found that there's nothing about importing my Youtube videos to these sites. The videos on my Youtube had no problem over a month so I decided to import them.
  • In few hours, liveleak terminated my account, I understand a bit maybe that my videos are out of scope but they never gave me a notification, not even an email
  • However in few days, I was surprise that Vimeo automatic filter terminated my account and what pissed me off is that they won't check and won't even tell me the reason of why it was terminated.
  • Few days later and it happened at night when I was sleeping that Veoh terminated my account because my video was junk and spam, this really hurt my feeling and proof to be the last straw. At Youtube, some gave a few likes and commented a thanks on these videos.
  • A Chinese friend of mine had just had his QQ (social media like Facebook and Twitter) terminated by automatic filter. Just like any other teenager, he never post anything radical, just fun and dump things. The admins won't even check the issue and told him to never contact them again. He has photos, post, and videos of more than 12 years of his life and they won't even return those data to him. This is just like losing 12 years of your memories.
  • Finally, my Daily Motion account was permanently terminated without any chance of appealling.

2. Opinion

The Internet was designed as a public network like the streets and the rest of the outside world where we can freely travel. However, authorities have caught up to the technology and imposed restrictions to the Internet. It is like when foreigners travels to North Korea where they are constantly accompanied by enforcers telling where they are allowed to go and where they are not allowed to go everytime. So there are two types of channel to the Internet, (1) a direct channel where we have no enforcers, (2) an indirect channel where we have enforcers. Sadly, most of us are on the second type of channel. For example, when we want to go to Reddit, we asks our enforcers whether we can go there or not. In some countries, we are permitted, and some countries we are prohibited.

The Internet was originally a free and open space and these experiences hurt me deeply. I began to realize how these central authorities wielded absolute power and won't even compromise for their customers. Never trust these central authorities and always hold your own data. Their role is suppose to serve the customers, but when they grow big, they will monopolize their power because it's no longer they who needed the customers, it is us customers who needed them. Sure that this is no problem for nobles, celebrities, and other popular and important people, but for us commoners, it's like we are treated like garbage. Know this that I will use all of my effort to turn away people from your platforms.

3. Solution Proposal

Detailed solution will be on separate article where this post will be updated with links in the future.

a. Censorship and Privacy

  • Change DNS (domain name service).
  • Use proxy.
  • Use virtual private network (VPN).
  • Use anonymous network like Tor or other onion network.
  • Use blockchain (blockchain cannot be censored).

b. Termination

  • Use blockchain based platform (sometimes it is so powerful that you can't even delete your post), for example:
  • Go to the deepweb. (Popularly, use tor to access them.)
  • Built your own platform. (My Chinese now host his own blog on http://teiii.cn To be more powerful, have a copy on the blockchain and on the deepweb.)

Copies of this post are available at:

August 17, 2019

Dream Journal: Forcefully Reborn as a Girl: I will continue this into a sequel

Chaper 0. Real Dream Part

Again I will start on my dream journal because another fun dream appeared and this time, I will write my own fictions of all the dreams that I found interesting.

The first part of the dream wasn't anything special. Only walking around on the streets, looking for a place to buy some snacks, and navigate my way home in these unfamiliar area. The dream then shifts to myself in a war state during the samurai era but more specifically I was in a Gintama Anime fighting along side the main characters during the Joie War, cutting my foes, dodging attacks, clashes of swords, blocking and dodging gunshots, cannons, cutting down ships, fighting giants, bloods, and all the battle imagination I could ever think off. We were attempting to stop the enemy in casting an enormous magic rushing to their headquarters. Then a large dragon like in Dragon Ball appeared and everything went bright.

I found myself carrying shopping bags and saw my house few steps away. I went in and saw my dad with few uncles, and told them that I just returned from shopping. As usual they're cheerful but strangely that told that I've grown up and became prettier. I was puzzled but paid no more attention and straight away went into my room because I remembered that previously I was at a war. Confused of everything, I just went to bed and lay down. Then I was surprised that my hair got in the way of my face. It was longer and silkier. I looked into the mirror, and it was right that my hair was longer and silkier, but more so, found my face strange. It was bright, smooth, and surprisingly cute. As I tried to talk to myself in surprise, I finally realized that my voice was high, soprano as a girl. I looked into the mirror again from far away, and saw myself turned into a girl.

Then I was in a car with my parents and was going to a highschool and I was in school uniform with a skirt. It turns out time went back to the age of when I was in highschool, but the story shifts about me transferring to a highschool. My past, everything was known as I was a girl, even they called by a name that I don't recognize which I cannot recall. I asked them whether they know *** (my original name) and didn't ring the bell. There are some picture books on the car and saw of me everything as a girl but I was very tomboyish. I asked them again whether I was really a girl, I don't act like a girl and certainly doesn't think like one. They told me that I am like a girl, that girls today are too fashionable, slutty, etc, and that I didn't need to worry. We finally reached the class, and my dad went to talk to the teacher. I couldn't hear them well, and when their voice was louder, I thought that they called me, I answered and went in front of the class. However, I was wrong and everybody in the class laughed. My mom covered her face in embarrassment. The a girl in the class asked me something about .....

The dream part ends here and the fiction part starts here.

Chapter 1. Meeting Myself

August 14, 2019

Learn and Earn on Coinbase: ~$50/hour

!!! Limited Offer !!!

Coinbase is giving away coins for taking their free course.

  1. Join coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/purnam_0v.
  2. Pass know your customer (KYC) / verify your identity by providing photo of your ID card such as passport and sign online.
  3. Learn and earn:
  • DAI
    • $3 DAI for completing 3 lessons of DAI ($1 each / average 3 minutes).
    • $14 Generate DAI with maker.
  • EOS: https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/hzd43p0x.
    • $10 EOS for completing 5 lessons of EOS ($2 each / average 3 minutes).
    • $40 EOS for inviting 4 people to learn EOS ($10 for each invite).
  • Stellar: https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/8m2p5nx6.
    • $10 Stellar for completing 5 lessons of Stellar ($2 each / average 3 minutes).
    • $40 Stellar for inviting 4 people to learn Stellar ($10 for each invite).
  • Zcash (currently sold out)
  • Basic Attention Token
    • $3 Bat for completing 3 lessons of Basic Attention Token ($1 each / average 3 minutes).
    • $7 Install Brave Browser
  • ZRX (currently sold out)
  • Orchid
    • $7 OXT for completing the lesson.
    • $40 OXT for inviting 4 people to learn Stellar ($10 for each invite).
  • Tezos
    • $6 XTZ for completing the lesson.

Successfully withdrawn:


Most of us have to queue and it's been months and my friends are still in the waiting list.


August 2, 2019

Cryptotab Browser: Easily Mine Bitcoin and Multi Level Referral System

Cryptotab Browser

Download https://cryptobrowser.site/promo/spring20/2016839 for Windows and Mac (until 1 September 2019, there’s a $10-$1600 promo). Choose to participate in promo and it will redirect to download page.

Cryptotab Browser is a fork of Chrome browser with a CPU javascript miner built. In other words all the browsing features are based on chrome with an additional feature to mine and earn bitcoin (BTC). Browse casually such as searching in Google, watching movies in Youtube, interract in Facebook and Twitter, while mining.

Cryptotab Browser screenshot showing that it is mining bitcoin at 100 H/s at a click of a button

Their referral system is also one of the best. They applied multi-level marketing where not only you will get a lifetime commission for inviting someone, but you will also get a commission the person you invited invites someone.

Cryptotab Browser screenshot of referral system from their page, basically like the explanation above.

Maybe the following reasons why beginners are relunctant in owning bitcoins:
  • Traditionally, a person needs to find another person who owns bitcoin to get.
  • It's usually easy to get bitcoin in exchanges, but nowadays you need "know your customer" (KYC) where you to upload your identification documents first before you can buy, and worse some requires proof of address.
  • A popular way to get bitcoin is through mining but setting up mining the usually way is difficult for average users.


Cryptotab Browser is suited for anyone who wants to start owning bitcoin. The setup process is easier compared to the usual mining process.

Cryptotab Browser Usual Bitcoin Mining
  1. Download Cryptotab Browser.
  2. Install.
  3. Click the extension, explore the menu and login to one of your email accounts.
  4. Click the button to mine.
  1. Sometimes you may need to setup a wallet first.
  2. Find a suitable miner and download (sometimes no GUI and only command-line).
  3. Setup for solo mining or find a pool. Either way:
    1. Choose a mining algorithm.
    2. Enter address and port for mining (rpc for solo and find pool address for pool).
    3. Enter username and password for pool mining (username is sometimes wallet address).
  4. Configure other options such as CPU intensity, etc.
  5. Execute mining.

Cryptotab Browser Mobile

Cryptotab Browser is also available on playstore and applestore. Download using the same link: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/landing/67/2016839/?p=spring21
Cryptotab Browser on Samsung A7. 


I have mined for a while and succeeded in withdrawing bitcoin to both my exchange wallet and personal wallet, also that I've tried withdrawing from both PC and Smarphone version of the software. It works, meaning that it is legitimate.
Withdraw Cryptotab Browser successful.
Withdraw Cryptotab Browser mobile successful.

Received BTC on my Cobo Wallet 

July 18, 2019

My Cryptocurrency Faucet List (Free Coins)

Most requires:
Then use your same email to register on these faucet sites.

How much I earn in claiming some good faucets?
$ 0.01179116 in 7 mins 9 secs (cooldown 1 hour)
$ 0.216679393 in 5 mins 43  secs (cooldown 1 day)
Minimum (luck factor not included)


How to efficiently claim faucets:

  • Bookmark them.
  • Save login information in browser.
  • Categorized them.
  • Note how much time it takes, amount it offers, cooldown, luck factor, etc.
  • Keep practicing, you'll get experience and used to it.
  • More tips will be available.

0. Favorite Faucets

Faucet  Minimum Description
http://cointiply.com/r/lnEjx 22 coins ($ 0.0022) Best multiplier, work to get coins by doing surveys, PTC ads ($0.02 in 9 mins), watch videos, install applications, other jobs. Follow twitter for promo codes.
https://freebitco.in/?r=22336127 BTC 0.00000017 Multiplier, betting, and lottery.
http://freedoge.co.in/?r=5657492 Doge 0.09 Multiplier, betting, and lottery.
https://bitnyx.com/?r=251085 BTC 0.00000008 Rarely need any captcha
https://firefaucet.win/ref/0fajarpurnama0  ACP 70 Accumulates (leave long anytime and claim but access hourly for bonus), offerwalls and other tasks are available.

Cooldown average: 1 hour.
Luck: over $100 if you are very lucky, but above minimum is rare.
Jobs: Varies from $0.005 - $5 per jobs.
Gambling: Potentially multiplying earning over 64x or lose everything.
Promo: Available on their social medias.
Fastest time spent claiming on all of these site at once: 1 min 55 sec
Fastest time spent claiming average per site: 23 sec / site
Total minimum income: $ 0.0048265 (on last update of this post)

1. Faucets That Tests Your Luck

These sites allows you to roll dices where if you are lucky over $100 but luck is a very rare thing here.

a. Easy Captcha

If you visit hourly, no need for captcha on the next hour, captcha is only needed on one of these sites.

Faucet  Minimum Maximum
https://freebitcoin.io/?ref=179640 BTC 0.00000003 BTC 0.031
https://coinfaucet.io/?ref=536071 XRP 0.00098 XRP 982
https://freecardano.com/?ref=164522 ADA 0.0055 ADA 5523
https://freenem.com/?ref=169454 XEM 0.0048 XEM 4812
https://freesteam.io/?ref=21129 $ 0.0003 $ 300
Cooldown average: 1 hour (for free roll, visit their twitter or click their ads).
Luck: Above minimum extremely rare.
Fastest time spent claiming on all of these site at once: 1 min 26 secs
Fastest time spent claiming average per site: 17.2 secs / site
Total minimum income: $ 0.001509558 (on last update of this post)

b. Regular Captcha

Faucet  Minimum Maximum
http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=19F8A9DA097D Satoshi 6 BTC 0.031
https://free-ethereum.io/?referer=28960 ETH 0.00000472ETH 0.97995982
https://free-bcash.com/?referer=355832 BCH 0.00000270 BCH 0.70107090
https://freezec.xyz/invite/5952 ZEC 0.00000293 ZEC 0.0879
https://freeeth.xyz/invite/8118 ETH 0.00000098 ETH 0.0294
https://steb.us/invite/15984 BTC 0.00000007 BTC 0.00168
https://freedgb.xyz/invite/7374DGB 0.01896384 DGB 9481.92
https://freebtx.com/invite/16881 BTX 0.00060199 BTX 300.995
https://free-dogecoin.com/?referer=107948 Doge 0.326801 Doge 90778.155798
https://free-litecoin.com/login?referer=397388 LTC 0.00000906 LTC 2.2640997
https://https://hourly-ads.com/register.php?ref=10583 BTC 0.00000033 BTC 0.0388275
https://free-monero.com/?referer=18352 XMR 0.00001772 XMR 4.43137132
https://freeb.tc/?r=60670 BTC 0.00000023 BTC 0.00022332

Cooldown average: 1 hour (for free roll, visit their twitter or click their ads).
Luck: Above minimum extremely rare.
Fastest time spent claiming on all of these site at once: 3 min 48 secs
Fastest time spent claiming average per site: 22.8 secs / site
Total minimum income: $ 0.005455102 (on last update of this post)

c. Difficult Captcha

Faucet  Minimum Description
https://cryptoscourge.com/#rccdeef 30 coins Captcha, url redirects, etc
Lots of choices and many rich features, but too many pages and asks for login everytime.
Need to visit links and most of the time not available.
Fastest time spent claiming on all of these site at once: 3 min 2 secs
Fastest time spent claiming average per site: 1 min 0.8 secs

Faucet  Minimum Maximum
https://claimfreecoins.io/bitcoin-faucet/?r=1KLTKk6yRQVCneK1pQPFmBQC8t8qteX7ds Satoshi 6 Satoshi 100
https://claimfreecoins.io/ethereum-faucet/?r=0x197a92b80d49c0f51551aaf9efc43946b16e6b77 GWEI 256GWEI 2000
https://claimfreecoins.io/dogecoin-faucet/?r=DC7hFcNK6TCSk9mhxojJ7BdVnHXtPYEbYx DOGE 0.018 DOGE 1
https://claimfreecoins.io/litecoin-faucet/?r=LTp6V4MVn4bzUR7pwFt6ya5xPhYetVNwS1 Litoshi 393 Litoshi 5000
https://claimfreecoins.io/bitcoin-cash-faucet/?r=13grFajx3FSoyPtMGbA6CzTVHNZfK8DJi2 Satoshi 130 Satoshi 1000
https://claimfreecoins.io/dash-faucet/?r=Xp6KyAwJ3GhE3djxXKwpBRTRjBgcEb2Aja Dashies 392 Dashies 2500
https://claimfreecoins.io/zcash-faucet/?r=t1b6PKyjKHhP36j5CUaQKrLdPd15kRekFNJZatoshi 500 Zatoshi 5000
https://claimfreecoins.io/digibyte-faucet/?r=DSpcztFYU49wx9wZX852sJesShUBHnTZmB - DGB 0.25
https://claimfreecoins.io/monero-faucet/ Piconero 583 Piconero 5000
https://claimfreecoins.io/blackcoin-faucet/?r=B8JjaeJucyVruiqkbnR2NT94ckNL5abn8q - blackcoin 0.10
BTX 0.01
https://claimfreecoins.io/potcoin-faucet/?r=PDcMDE6JpsSzvxGC6tgZRiHbjswBVq4Mzp PortcoinPortcoin 0.20
https://claimfreecoins.io/peercoin-faucet/?r=PWuuz5TCcxNcHr9HmGN6emA2BHrz25iMQs Peercoin Peercoin 0.01
https://claimfreecoins.io/primecoin-faucet/?r=ASHXimus7bkqLwoZvGb7X2SB42GMsSkvCT Primecoin Primecoin 0.01

2. Faucets That Accumulates Over Time

Fastest time spent claiming on all of these site at once: 3 mins 36 secs
Fastest time spent claiming average per site: 43.2 secs

Fastest time spent claiming on all of these site at once: 2 mins 8 secs
Fastest time spent claiming average per site: 21.33 secs

3. Faucet Games

Faucet  Minimum Description
https://www.bitgames.io/?affid=12304329 100 coins After certain amount of claims, you have to do some offerwalls to claim again.
Gamble in crash, black jack, hash dice
https://gymx.me/landing?ref=30926 1000 Satoshi
https://satoshilabs.net/?r=45662  5 Flusk Build coin producer
https://rollercoin.com/?r=jyiwc4ls  Like the sims series where you build households and cities, this one is a simulator where you build mining farms but you will also earn real satoshi's. Play mini games to gain hashrates.

Fastest time spent claiming on all of these site at once: 3 min 12 secs
Fastest time spent claiming average per site: 48 secs

4. Others