Online Content Monetization (Under Revision)

1. Introduction

With the computer and the Internet you can create and post your contents almost for free and publicly. Nowadays you can monetize your contents and gain passive incomes. Many have regard this as a full time job but it is very flexible. It can be a part time job or just a hobby that can generate incomes. More importantly, it's almost effortless to apply the simple ones.

2. How Monetization Works

It all depends on the method but overall is either the audience pays you or 3rd parties pays you.

3. Method

3.1 Donation

This method in my opinion is the simplest way and everybody knows. You can ask for donations through:
  • Contact, bank account, etc information (old way).
  • Links such as paypal and cryptocurrency address link.
  • QR code which is the link method version preferred for mobile audiences.
  • Advance interfaces such as buttons.

3.3 Advertisement

3.3.1 Own Advertisement

If you can make your own contents then you can make your own advertisement. Make your own banner or just simply manually write an advertisement on an empty space. Ofcourse, you need your own business to do this. Very simple advertisement examples: subscribe to my Youtube channel, selling second hand stuffs, or even selling lemonade near your house.

3.3.2 Endorsement

Also a type of making your own advertisement but not entirely your own business. Most of the time you endorse someone else's business and you receive commission. For example:

3.3.3 3rd Party Advertisement

Rent some of your space to 3rd parties. The most popular one today is Goodle Adsense.

3.4 Airtime

Recently, applications came out that allows you to monetize your platform where you earn coins for the amount of time your audience viewing your contents. Also, they recently support monetization of your social media where you earn coins for audience viewing your social media post, profile, etc. Common supported social media and platforms are Bittube, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. For these social media's all you have to do is to link your profile while for your own, put special codes on your site. Below are list of applications:

3.5 Mining

You can ask or force your audience to mine cryptocurrency for you since mining now is possible on Javascript. By default, the audience browser runs Javascript automatically. Therefore, they will mine for you when they open your contents. Some people may consider this unethical because the mining is without their permission. The solution is asking for their permission to mine. If you would like to enforce, you can kick them out if they don't agree. A more leisure way is to immediately tell them that mining is active and tell them that they may leave if they don't agree. I provide a button at the top if they want to stop mining or mine even more, they have the freedom. For example: