My Full Dedication to Anonymity, Borderless, Decentralization, Privacy, Uncensorship, ETC on the network.

1. Cause Timeline

a. Censorship: Freedom of Consumption Issue

 I started my highschool live in Indonesia. In the 2005s, the Internet is still an open place where you can access anything you want. However, Indonesia started to censor websites when porn becomes viral. That was alright, however they went further and went too far and censored:
  • Most manga sites
  • Most anime sites
  • Most online games
  • Most mature movies
  • Reddit
  • NSFW
  • Some social medias
There's also a time when I worked in a company. Although I was given my own computer, I was restricted to do anything including install my own software, programming, and retrieve data on USB which I don't like working like that.

Other example countries that imposes restrictions are China, North Korea, and maybe most in middle east. China is known for its great firewall where its citizens are restricted to most United States (US) social medias. In North Korea, you know, you can do anything without the permission of the Supreme Leader. 

b. Tracking: Privacy Issue

I began to realize the value of privacy when I started studying abroad. In Indonesia, there wasn't anything much about monitoring, even people are free to use peer to peer network like torrent. When I started abroad, I was surprise that the police can arrest you for downloading pirated movies and softwares, and using illegal applications. Sure, I understand about uploading, but downloading I disagree, because I may download something illegal without my knowledge and to be arrested because that. Even if it's accidental and the authorities would let me go, it's a very big waste of time going through the process. Though, I still respect them more because they leave The Internet open.

There's also about the Snowden case where I was shocked the CIA was intruding in our privacy. Although, the reason is to prevent crime, but there's still a bridge that should not be crossed, because they are still humans where they can abuse and monopolize their power. While the Internet is the public network like the streets, our houses are private networks that should not be breached.

c. Termination: Freedom of Speech and Expression Issue

It was here that I started my dedication. I decided to upload my Youtube videos to Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh, and Liveleak. I decided to attempt because there are articles about importing Youtube videos to Dailymotion, and made me interested. I read these video platforms terms and services and found that there's nothing about importing my Youtube videos to these sites. The videos on my Youtube had no problem over a month so I decided to import them.
  • In few hours, liveleak terminated my account, I understand a bit maybe that my videos are out of scope but they never gave me a notification, not even an email
  • However in few days, I was surprise that Vimeo automatic filter terminated my account and what pissed me off is that they won't check and won't even tell me the reason of why it was terminated.
  • Few days later and it happened at night when I was sleeping that Veoh terminated my account because my video was junk and spam, this really hurt my feeling and proof to be the last straw. At Youtube, some gave a few likes and commented a thanks on these videos.
  • A Chinese friend of mine had just had his QQ (social media like Facebook and Twitter) terminated by automatic filter. Just like any other teenager, he never post anything radical, just fun and dump things. The admins won't even check the issue and told him to never contact them again. He has photos, post, and videos of more than 12 years of his life and they won't even return those data to him. This is just like losing 12 years of your memories.
  • Finally, my Daily Motion account was permanently terminated without any chance of appealling.

2. Opinion

The Internet was designed as a public network like the streets and the rest of the outside world where we can freely travel. However, authorities have caught up to the technology and imposed restrictions to the Internet. It is like when foreigners travels to North Korea where they are constantly accompanied by enforcers telling where they are allowed to go and where they are not allowed to go everytime. So there are two types of channel to the Internet, (1) a direct channel where we have no enforcers, (2) an indirect channel where we have enforcers. Sadly, most of us are on the second type of channel. For example, when we want to go to Reddit, we asks our enforcers whether we can go there or not. In some countries, we are permitted, and some countries we are prohibited.

The Internet was originally a free and open space and these experiences hurt me deeply. I began to realize how these central authorities wielded absolute power and won't even compromise for their customers. Never trust these central authorities and always hold your own data. Their role is suppose to serve the customers, but when they grow big, they will monopolize their power because it's no longer they who needed the customers, it is us customers who needed them. Sure that this is no problem for nobles, celebrities, and other popular and important people, but for us commoners, it's like we are treated like garbage. Know this that I will use all of my effort to turn away people from your platforms.

3. Solution Proposal

Detailed solution will be on separate article where this post will be updated with links in the future.

a. Censorship and Privacy

  • Change DNS (domain name service).
  • Use proxy.
  • Use virtual private network (VPN).
  • Use anonymous network like Tor or other onion network.
  • Use blockchain (blockchain cannot be censored).

b. Termination

  • Use blockchain based platform (sometimes it is so powerful that you can't even delete your post), for example:
  • Go to the deepweb. (Popularly, use tor to access them.)
  • Built your own platform. (My Chinese now host his own blog on To be more powerful, have a copy on the blockchain and on the deepweb.)

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