June 5, 2019

List of Cryptocurrency Coins that I Staked and will Stake

Currently, I don't have enough assets to build master nodes. Even if I do, I also don't have 24 hours servers to host master nodes especially if they require public IPs. Therefore, I decided to stake my coins to those who have master nodes.



◽ The simple explanation of proof of work is mining. You donate your processing power to the network and receive rewards.
◽ The simple explanation of proof of stake is time deposit. You lock your coins for a certain amount of time to gain interests.

Below are the coins that I plan to stake and where at this time. I will make another post if I plan to add more later. If the links below are wallets means that the staking feature is available within the wallet.

⚫ Honesttoken: https://honestmining.com/ref/0fajarpurnama0
⚫ Dash: https://honestmining.com/ref/0fajarpurnama0
⚫ PIVX: https://honestmining.com/ref/0fajarpurnama0
⚫ Smartcash: https://honestmining.com/ref/0fajarpurnama0
⚫ Zcoin: https://honestmining.com/ref/0fajarpurnama0
⚫ Pundi X: https://m.pundix.com/merchantEntry.html?inviteCode=Z0DM&navigator=lang
⚫ Waves: https://wavesplatform.com/products-wallet
⚫ Neo: https://neo.org/client or https://www.kucoin.com/?rcode=xgHf1b
⚫ Ontology: https://github.com/ontio/OWallet/releases (expensive, 500 ONT)
⚫ Qtum: https://docs.qtum.site/en/How-to-Staking-with-Qtum (full time running wallet)
⚫ Stellar Lumens: https://pool.lumenaut.net
⚫ Nxt: https://nxtplatform.org/download
⚫ Achain: https://www.achain.com/achainfoundation/loyaltyprogram.html
⚫ Aurora: https://github.com/AuroraDAO/aurad (expensive, 10000 AOA and full time running)
⚫ Bitcoin Diamond: https://www.bitcoindiamond.org/download
⚫ DeepOnion: https://deeponion.org/#download (full time running wallet)
⚫ KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com/?rcode=xgHf1b (https://kucoin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014925893-About-KuCoin-Bonus)
⚫ Tron and Bittorrent: https://indodax.com/ref/0fajarpurnama0/1
⚫ MCO and CRO (coming soon): https://crypto.com/en/wallet.html
⚫ Shardax: https://shardax.com/
⚫ NEM: https://nem.io/downloads/ (expensive, 10000 XEM)
⚫ Vexanium: https://www.vexanium.com/ (expensive, 100000 VEX)
⚫ Cardano: https://daedaluswallet.io/ (coming soon)
⚫ Vechain: https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6)
⚫ LiteBitoin: https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6)
⚫ Eos: https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6)
⚫ Ripple: https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6)
⚫ Bitcoin: https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6)
⚫ CyberMiles: https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6)
⚫ ZelCash: https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6)
⚫ Decred: https://medium.com/coinmonks/decred-staking-guide-2e569d0390ff
⚫ ATOM: https://medium.com/coinmonks/cosmos-atom-staking-guide-4a4e703c998a
⚫ IOTX: https://medium.com/iotex/staking-is-now-open-on-iotex-delegates-website-d372a180f065
⚫ ATOM: https://medium.com/@topstaking/cosmos-atoms-how-to-stake-the-most-important-proof-of-stake-coin-yet-693ba2bcd7d1
⚫ VSYS: https://blog.stakingrewards.com/staking-spotlight-v-systems
⚫ IOST: https://medium.com/iost/iost-mainnet-faq-20cfca2f845e
⚫ Decred: https://medium.com/coinmonks/decred-staking-guide-2e569d0390ff
⚫ Ardor: https://medium.com/ardor/blockchain-ardor-part-5-forging-and-leasing-58645bcee1d7 (Expensive, 1000 ARDOR)
⚫ Cindicator: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@chrs944/cindicator-how-to-buy-store-stake-tokens (Expensive, 5000 CND)
⚫ CRO: https://help.crypto.com/articles/2887886-crypto-com-chain-council-node-rewards (Expensive, 10000 CRO)
⚫ Giftoverse: https://medium.com/@gifto/giftoverse-staking-challenge-power-to-holders-d551e65ad741 (Expensive, 1000 GTO)
⚫ ICON: https://mineable.com/icon-introduces-staking-new-roadmap-icx-staking-calculator-everything-you-need-to-know/
⚫ MCO: https://help.crypto.com/articles/1961286-how-to-stake-mco-tokens (Expensive, 50 MCO)
⚫ MITH: https://medium.com/mithriltoken/vault-staking-tutorial-in-1-2-3-vault-%E4%B8%89%E6%AD%A5%E9%A9%9F%E7%A7%98%E5%AD%98%E6%95%99%E5%AD%B8-11510da47ed5(100 MITH)
⚫ Tomochain: https://tomochain.com/tomowallet (Expensive, 100 TOMO) https://cobo.com/ (optional referral: 089ZY6) (10 TOMO)
⚫ Magicoin: https://www.m-core.org/download/
⚫ Okcash: https://okcash.org/faq.html
⚫ Bittube: https://bittubeapp.com/?ref?2JY4FE0CP
⚫ Netbox: https://netbox.global/r/499g

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