Supporting Crypto Social Media Torum Like an Ambassador by Responding to Others Related Posts

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In my previous article, I wrote about simple things that anyone can do to support Torum on other platforms which are following, and liking. While also I mentioned technically about comments and posts using hashtags and mentionings, here I will elaborate more of them like an ambassador. Unlike the simple things, these kind of supporting requires effort.

Searching and Responding Posts Related to Torum

torum twitter search
Almost all platform have a search bar where we can search at least any post with the word torum. It will also be nicer if people use hashtags such as #Torum and in Tweeter there are people who use currency symbols such as $XTM. Search for them and respond to them.
torum scam accusation
While responding the all of them is the best thing to do but I doubt anyone have the perseverance to do that. Therefore, take efforts on important ones first. For example, scam accusations to Torum needs immediate attention since it ruins the reputation about Torum. It is not a problem if the all the people in the world check the facts first before passing judgement but most people do not bother doing those respected diligences and just believe whatever anyone says first. In other words, most people are lazy to think for themselves. For example, "Why is Torum a Scam?", "because some people says so", and does these mindsets are weaponized by haters to defamed Torum where people do not even bother to check the platform because of some rumors. Therefore, if we supporters does not respond, people will just believe that Torum is a scam. Now, there are many approaches of how to respond:

Being a Supporter up to Evangelist

The opposite of hater where you defend no matter what and express your feelings simply because you support Torum:

  • "I have been in Torum for a while and I had pleasant experiences."
  • "I like Torum very much, so it is very sad to hear your statement."
  • "I frequently got in contact with the team and they are nice and hard working people."

If not defending, then you attack the opposition:

  • "Your hate statement sounds like you are seeking attention."
  • "You are stupid for calling it a scam without proper research, you could have been smarter."
  • "It is haters like you who keeps destroying one project to another."

Being an Objective 3rd Party

I saw many supporters giving simple statement as I showed previously but personally I do not prefer because no matter how much you support, you are not the founder nor the owner, you are you. Another reason is that fact and truth is always the winning end far in the long term. Unlike being a supporter, you must act like an emotionless robot and speak only based on either or all regarding to data, logic, your own opinion, etc.

  • There are many bots. How are "just bots" related to "scam"? Does the founders use bots? The founders only provided the platform, it is other users who are using bots. Even so, is there any evidence to back such claims? Even if there are evidences, how is it related to "scams"?
  • XTM pre-sale is an obivious scam. Though this statement cannot be outright false but it lacks elaboration. Why is it a scam? How is it "obvious" when there are no explanations at all? Just one sentence, at that is it, so my opinion is "poor information". Wait but it is a pain to write all the details. Unfortunately, details must be provided. This is an outright accusation and not just some random tweet or article. This accusation is harming the reputation of Torum which is why the accuser must be responsible in providing details or else will be no different than "cyber bullying".
  • Gathering facial profile, phone number, and email...... so what? Again lacking elaboration and what does this have to do with "scam".
  • Feel free to verify my claim. Are you that lazy that you need to ask someone else to verify?
xtm beta only holder
Short accusations are mostly harmful like back in the old days baselessly accusing women of witches. Details are important and the best of them all are constructive critics. Eventhough I am an ambassador of Torum but I am not afraid to admit:
  • Yes there are many bots in Torum. However, I provide suggestions, encouragements because I am a supporter as well, and screenshots. I wrote an article telling that Torum was also bombarded by spams and I informed my opinion of how other platforms such as Steemit & Hive, Uptrennd, and handle them.
  • Instead of baseless accusation that XTM pre-sale is an obivious scam, I would rather provide concerns with proof. If you think that I would not dare that I am just a puppy wagging my tail then you are wrong. In the same article about spam in Torum, I provide an evidence from Etherscan that there is only one address holding all the XTM. This means that the current XTM is custodial which can only be utilized inside the system and I understand if investors would not invest based only on this reason. If the founders complained about me sharing this evidence, I would not think twice to argue as it is fact that I showed. However, the founders are matured and somewhat agreed to my assumption that they need to finalize the system first before distributing.
  • There is no such thing as gathering facial profile which is true to all social media platform. We are never foced to upload any images and you know what, we can just leave it blank. Therefore, this is just a childish claim blaiming our own clumsiness for uploading a facial profile. For email and phone number are true so do not join Torum if you don't want to provide them.

Being a 3rd Villain

Though people did not believe everytime when I admit that I have a bad temper but they had no complains when I admit that I am sarcastic and I apologized. This is different from being a supporter who attacks nor an objective 3rd party who critisizes but more like a grey area where you either want to bare your fangs at the accuser or bare your fangs to both parties solely for yourself. Here is another thread:

Torum is a Chinese scam from r/torumtech

I will not deny if my comment are accused of attention seeking but personally I just felt like expressing my feelings:


Being an Informer

PS, I apologize to the accuser reading the above harsh comments. It is just an example of how people can approach and I know that you have resolved your issue between them when I read your last comment and instead my comment to your thread is down below:


This is my favourite role since I like to guide people and let them think for themselves. Here you do not attack nor defend nor involve any emotions. You only provide information and nothing more. For example, below is my comment on the scam accusation:

Hello, you and everyone else can buy a ticket and go to this address and tell them straight face to face of why you think it is a scam:

If you want more information about the founders, please check my article at Publish0x and if you want to reach them on other platform, please read my other article.

Which Ambassadors Are Tasked For This Job?

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Twitter Public Relation, Telegram Community, Community Building Events, and Clan Community Building. Wait, am I attention seeking as well for writing this article? No, I will shamelessly say that this is to fill my weekly quota as a Content Writing ambassador @0fajarpurnama0. Do you have a word or two? Say them directly to Torum: